Communication of 3D

3D Mind Map

Games: 3D in games is used to create the characters and can also be used to give characters emotion in their body language and facial expressions. 3D is also used to create the environments in the game and add textures to make the game look realistic.

Films: Use 3D to create things that wouldn’t be able to exist otherwise, for example Hulk in the Avengers films. Can be used to make actors look younger/older or replace them for scenes where they can’t have the actual actor. Animated films such as Finding Nemo also use 3D as it is the best way for them to create emotions in the characters. Also used to create props for films such as prosthetic. 3D is also used in films for anything CG, such as backgrounds of things that don’t exist, for example some planets in the Star Wars films were created using CG.

hulk 2

(, 24/09/15)

3D Printing: Can be used to create cosplay, for example a man created a bat-suit from the Arkham Origins game. Can also be used to create artificial limbs for people. Can also create parts for machinery or weapons.
Amazing 3D-printed Batsuit in action

(, 24/09/15)

Science: 3D is used in science to create realistic body parts to examine in order to learn more about them. Also 3D printing links to this as science also can use 3D create artificial limbs for people who have lost them.

Animated shows: Animated shows use 3D to create the characters and environments and are usually made for children, for example the new Thunderbird’s show.

(, 24/09/15)

Some documentaries also use 3D for things that don’t exist anymore and can’t be recreated any other way, for example Walking with Beasts uses 3D to create the extinct animals.
walking with beasts

(, 24/09/15)

Education: 3D is used in education to help us learn about extinct species such as dinosaurs. In this way 3D is used to recreate the dinosaur bones and help us fully recreate a dinosaur based on how the bones would fit together. This increases our knowledge of dinosaurs and would not be possible without the use of 3D applications.


(, 29/09/15)

Architecture/Interior design: Architecture uses 3D to model the things that are going to be built, for example a building might be created using 3D first in order to show the builders what it should look like. Interior design would use 3D for a similar reason, to see what the inside of a building will look like once its completed.


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