Introduction to research

There are many types of research that can be carried out. These are Primary research, Secondary research, Qualitative and Quantitative.

Primary research is research that you have done yourself through techniques such as interviews and questionnaires. Primary research also includes observing photos, film and drawing. Talking to other people is another form of primary research and can be useful as it gives you an opinion from someone else that can help with your research.

Secondary research comes from another source such as reviews on a company’s website or reading information in books or magazines. Secondary research can also be collected in the form of documentaries as they include information that someone else has found.

Qualitative research is heavily based on peoples opinions, for example a questionnaire asking someone to write about something. This allows for better feedback as people can explain their opinion in detail. This type of research gets more personal results.

Quantitative research is about statistics and numbers. This way the responses can be measured and instead of getting peoples opinions it is only dealing with facts.

The research task that I have carried out is to find the cheapest possible mobile phone that has the specifications that I want which is, how much data the phone has and how much memory the phone has. I do not need a lot of texts or minutes as I rarely text people or make calls. Other factors such as the battery life also are not important to me as I don’t mind having to charge a phone often.

The primary research that I did for this task was asking people about the different phones that they have. This gave me more information about the phones that I don’t have, as I have an IPhone 5s and don’t know much about all the other phones.

The secondary research I did was going onto data providers websites and looking at reviews of phones posted by people who have bought them. This also gave me more information about the phones. Also on the websites I looked at the different deals I could get with each phone and worked out which would be the cheapest deal that would have the specifications that I require. The document below contains my findings in a table.
Mobile phone spreadsheet

This task has helped me understand research as now I know about the different types and what they all contain and now I also know the various methods of researching, such as using books and websites and asking questions. This knowledge will help me in future research tasks. I think the task went well and I am happy with the information I found that I think has helped me make a good decision on what mobile phone is best for me.


2 thoughts on “Introduction to research

  1. Really good start to the post. You need to show your research and where it is. Did you do a table?

    Please complete this with an evaluation of the task and how it helped you to understand research.


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