Reflecting on Feedback

For this task I took 3 photos, 1 abstract photo, one landscape photo, and one portrait photo. I then uploaded them onto Facebook in order to get feedback through the comments of the photos. This feedback gave me ideas on how I could improve the photos if I did this again in the future.

Most of the feedback I received was about improving the composition of the photos and the lighting of some of the photos could have been better, but the light quality was caused by the time of day I was taking the pictures. The feedback also said I should try and incorporate the rule of thirds into my images more, as that would improve them both in quality and would make them more interesting for people to look at. This feedback will help me with future projects as I will know what I should and shouldn’t do in order to take a good picture that uses the rule of thirds well.

Abstract feedback

Portrait feedback

Landscape feedback

This is primary research as I have taken photos and am getting feedback on them, so this is something I have done rather than me using what someone else has done. Also this is also qualitative research as I am getting peoples feedback and their personal opinions on the photos so they are telling me exactly what I can do differently in order to improve the photos.

Facebook is not a very effective research tool as many people will just click the like button on things you are doing research for and this will not tell you what you need to know, for example liking one of the photos that I posted doesn’t tell me how I can improve it or what I did well so for this task likes would have not been useful to me. Qualitative research is a very effective research method as the feedback you receive can help you in the future and you can find out what people want from your products as it is a more personal form of research as people can give their honest opinions on things. This makes qualitative research more effective than quantitative research as you are able to find out exactly what people like and don’t like about something and you can find out what you can do differently to make it better, however with quantitative research you can just find out how many people like or dislike something and you won’t know what they liked or what they didn’t like, which means you can’t use that data to help you improve.

This task has taught me a lot about what an abstract photo is and how I can take one, as well has portrait and landscape photos. I have also learnt how I can improve the photos that I take in the future. I have also discovered that Facebook is not a very good research tool and there are more effective ones.


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