Genre and meaning of photography

Joana Franca- Abstract

This photo by Brazilian photographer Joana França is an abstract photo of a building in Brasilia. The purpose of the photo is to show that patterns can be found in anything and I think to disorient the viewer as the many different lines created by the blinds make the image quite hard to look at after a while.

Sossusvlei, Namibia
This photo by Charlie Waite is a landscape image of a Namibian landscape. Its purpose is to show how beautiful the Namibian desert is and show how vast the desert is as you can see how big it is. The meaning of this photo is nature is beautiful and this is communicated through the fact that there is nothing but nature in this photo with the trees and bushes and the vast desert.
Runner-up: Cayan Tower by SOM - photographed by Victor Romeo
This photo by Victor Romeo is an architectural photograph of the Cayan Tower in Dubai taken from a slightly higher angle than the building. The purpose of this is to show how tall this building is as you can see it rises above the clouds.

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