3D Model Microwave

I was tasked with creating a 3D model of a microwave. The first step in creating this was to change the units that the object would be measured in. I did this by going to customize and changing the Metric measurement to centimetres and then selecting System Unit Setup and selecting centimetres.

Customize unitsCustomize units 2

After this I found a microwave online that i could recreate in 3ds Max at http://ao.com/product/mwh2321x-hotpoint-hd-line-microwave-black-37759-50.aspx.

I used the dimensions for the microwave on the website to create a box that would become the microwave to the correct scale. However I added 10 centimeters to those dimensions because the microwave appeared to small in the unreal engine used.

Microwave dimensions

Once I had done this I went into the modify tab and on the modifier list I selected unwrap UVW.

Unwrap UVW

Once I had selected unwrap UVW I selected the polygon feature, which allowed me to select the individual sides of my microwave. Once I had done this I opened UV editor and selected Quick Planar Map which allowed me to see all the separate sides of the microwave box. I then selected Freeform mode which allowed me to move the different sides and resize them so the more important sides, such as the front, were bigger than the less important sides, like the back, which wouldn’t be seen.

After this I went to Tools and selected Render UVW template and went into Photoshop to put the texture from the microwave image into the sides of the box in 3ds Max.

Once I had done this I went back to 3ds Max and opened the Material editor by pressing M on the keyboard. Then I went to Maps which gave me options for diffuse colour, specular level, and opacity.

From diffuse colour I selected None, then Bitmap, then Browse for file to find the textures in Photoshop.

Once I had done that I selected Assign Material to Selection and then Show Shaded Material in Viewpoint so that I could see what the textures looked like on the box.

To improve the quality of the texture I then selected the + symbol in the top left of the viewpoint and then selected Configure Viewpoints and then finally Display Performance.

Once in Display Performance I went to Texture, then Maps and then changed the quality to 1024 to make the textures on the microwave look better.

Once I had applied the texture to the microwave I had to create all the buttons to make them 3D. I did this by creating different sized cylinders. To make sure I positioned the buttons in the correct place on the microwave I selected the Angle Snap Toggle which allowed me to rotate the buttons easier to make sure they were at the correct angle and pressed Alt+X to make them transparent so I could see where they were being placed.

I then went into the Create tab and selected Editable Poly and then Polygon and then by clicking the left mouse button and dragging the mouse I was able to delete polys on the buttons that I didn’t need.

Once I had done all this I could group the buttons together to the microwave box by going to Attach and then selecting each shape I wanted grouped together. Once I had done this I could re apply the texture over the added buttons. I selected Unwrap UVW and then pressed Alt on the keyboard and then selected the panels I didn’t want the texture to be applied to. Then I opened UV editor and selected the X axis and Quick Planar Map, then Map and started positioning the texture in the best possible place so that it would line up with the buttons.






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