Applying Research Tools and Methods to Drawing

The first task was to draw kitchen appliances from my memory. The second task was to draw them again using a photo of them and knowing their exact dimensions. We did this task to improve our research skills as we had to use different methods of research to be able to produce an accurate drawing of the appliance.

The kitchen appliances I chose to draw were my microwave and washing machine. This was especially difficult for the washing machine drawing as I don’t look at it often as it is insideĀ a cupboard so I did not know where any of the buttons were positioned. This meant I couldn’t accurately draw the washing machine. Also the microwave I do not look at very often and when I do I don’t pay attention to all of the buttons so that was also not a very accurate drawing. Also the scale was not correct of either appliances as I did not know how big they were when drawing from my memory.

microwave memorywashing machine memory

To find out what the microwave and washing machine actually looked like for the second task I took photos of them and measured their dimensions using a tape measure so I would be able to scale them accurately the second time I drew them.

Redrawing the appliances was much easier than drawing them from memory as after I had scaled them I knew exactly how long to make each line and because I had the pictures of them I knew where all the featured had to be placed and could draw them more accurately so that you can clearly see what they are meant to be.

microwave drawingmicrowave

Above is my re drawn microwave with all the features and scaled correctly next to the photo of the actual microwave.

Doing research before drawing an object allows you to draw it much more accurately which will improve the overall quality of the drawings and is much easier than trying to recreate something just from your memory when you might not know what the scale should be.

Doing the research to know the exact dimensions of the microwave and having a picture to reference from meant that my drawing was improved as I was able to scale it so that it was accurate and I could accurately position all the buttons and the clock due to having the photo to reference from. This will help me in future as now I can research dimensions and accuracy when I’m drawing in the future so any drawings I do will be more accurate.



2 thoughts on “Applying Research Tools and Methods to Drawing

  1. In your intro include what you were doing and why you were doing it.
    In your evaluation reflect on your own work and how it was improved by doing research and using tools and methods to improve. Please include an evaluation to reflect on what you did and how it will help you in the future.


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