Manipulated Images

Images are manipulated often with tools like Photoshop in order to make people like celebrities look more “attractive”.


This image of Thom Yorke has been manipulated using Photoshop to straighten his jawline and nose and correct his lazy eye. This would have been done using various tools available in Photoshop.

I think these changes were mad because whoever decided to make them wanted to get rid of any imperfect details on his face and wanted him to look more “normal” because in the culture we live in maybe his actual face is not considered attractive enough. This raises the issue that many people will look at celebrities that have been photoshopped and think they are “perfect” and then will look at themselves and see all those things that they think are wrong with them but aren’t and will become depressed with themselves. Also these manipulations say to people who have things like a lazy eye or a crooked nose or jawline that they are ugly and that will make them feel bad about themselves.


This image has been heavily modified in Photoshop to make Madonna look younger. This has been done by smoothing her skin and also by using the burning technique to add light to her skin and hair. This has been done because many women in the fashion industry believe that they have to look younger and more attractive to get work and so Madonna is using these Photoshop techniques to ensure she can still get work. This doesn’t just happen in fashion and modelling but also in films as once women reach a certain age they feel they won’t get as many jobs in a male dominated industry. This teaches young women that if they want to be successful in their lives they need to stay looking young and attractive, which results in more photo manipulation being performed by those who are not young and attractive.

I think these manipulation techniques to completely change what a person looks like have become so commonplace because anyone can do it because the technology is so easily accessible and easy to use and also magazines want to make celebrities look attractive enough to sell copies and some celebrities do it to make them look like something they’re not. These issues are relevant to my own professional practice as I am in the media industry and will be working with image manipulation and will need to know the problems that can be caused by image manipulation.


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