Advanced Textures

For advanced texturing I found a texture online and put it into Photoshop and then edited it to be a Specular map, Diffuse map, and Normal map. To do this I went to the Image tab in Photoshop, then going to Adjustments and Desaturate. From here I changed the settings of the image to make it a specular image, then a normal bump image, and a diffuse image.

When I was creating the Specular I pressed Ctrl+I to invert the specular so that instead of the lighter parts of the texture reflecting the light the darker areas would reflect instead.

In 3DS Max I created a plane to apply the texture to. To apply the texture I went to Maps and selected Specular Level for the Specular texture. To fully show the difference added by the Specular texture to the original texture I went to Specular highlights and changed the Glossiness to 40.

To make the original texture a normal image I went to Filter in Photoshop and then selected xNormal and then Height2normals. This allowed me to change the filter to make it a normal bump image.

To add the normal bump texture to the plane in 3DS Max I went to Maps, then down to bump and clicked on none and then selected Normal bump. Then I increased the bump to 100 so that it would be noticeable. Once I had done this I went to the Create tab, selected Light and then Selected Free light. This created a light which I could move around in order to see the effect of the bump. Then I dragged the Specular map that I made earlier to the bump and cleared the bump material. Then I went to Export and Export selected. Then Geometry and I turned Smoothing groups on and also turned on Triangulate. Then I went to Embed media and ticked Embed media.

After this I went to the Start menu and searched for Epic Game Launcher. I selected offline mode and then went to Unreal engine and selected launch. I selected the first person view and no starter content. Then I went to import to import the texture from 3DS Max and deselected Auto generate collision.

When I had the texture imported I selected it and then dragged in the Specular and Normal maps and clicked on Build. This created the texture in the engine.

To change the lighting in the engine so that I could see the texture better I rotated the light source so that it was hidden which made the engine world darker. Then I created a light that I could move around and look at the texture.


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