What techniques do developers use to create mood and atmosphere in digital environments?

Techniques developers use to create mood and atmosphere 22

For this task we were researching the different techniques that are used to create mood and atmosphere in virtual environments (video games and films). We did this task to give us ideas on the techniques we would use in our virtual environments that we are creating to show off the work we have made so far.

The Last of US:
The darkness in the interior environment creates fear as it is difficult to see anything and any of the infected could be hiding.
Damaged textures make the building look old and abandoned, makes player feel uneasy.
There is a loud banging sound that the player doesn’t know the source of which creates fear.
The crashed and abandoned cars outside are rusting which gives a sense of panic when the infection started and people were in a rush to leave.

Alien Isolation:
Strobe lighting causes fear as one moment everything is illuminated and the next you are in complete darkness which makes the player anxious.
The alien noises are unsettling for the player as they can’t see the alien.
Jump scare which is typical of the horror genre.

Star Wars Episode III:
Used green screen to create Mustafar.
Its quite a dark environment with dark colours.
The lava is different shades of red and orange to show how hot it is.

The presentation could have been better as I was nervous when doing it so I made some mistakes such as when I talked I faced the screen instead of my audience which meant they couldn’t always hear what I said. Also I rushed some parts of the presentation as I just wanted to finish it. This also meant that I did not mention some things that I should have, such as the textures when talking about Star Wars. Therefore if I were to do it again I would talk at the audience and talk slower so that I get to say everything I need to and my audience can hear me clearly.

2 thoughts on “What techniques do developers use to create mood and atmosphere in digital environments?

  1. ok, Liam, a fair start to this. You need an introduction to explain what you are doing and why you are doing it. Then you need to embed your presentation.
    Discuss what was in your presentation and finally evaluate. Evaluate by discussing how the presentation went and what you have learnt from the experience.


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