Facebook logos for interactive design studio

These are the Facebook profile picture and cover photo that I created in Photoshop for my interactive design studio Wet Flame Studios.

Profile Picture:

Wet Flame logo

I created this profile picture in Photoshop by first researching the Facebook profile picture dimensions on the internet and then setting them as the Photoshop dimensions so that the image would fit as a profile picture. Then I found the image of the flame on the internet and used copy and paste to bring it into Photoshop. Then using the text tool I wrote “Wet”, “Flame”, and “Studios” separately so that I could position them individually and use a different colour for each word. I decided that I wouldn’t position the words together in a structured way and positioned “Wet” and “Flame” so that they did not overlap much with the flame as that could make them hard to read.

Cover Photo:

Logo Facebook banner

To create this I found out the Facebook banner dimensions and set them as the dimensions on Photoshop. Then I found the flame image and set that as the background. Then I added the blue flame on top of that. I added some effects to the blue flame to make it stand out.
Facebook banner bevel effect
One of the effects I added was a Bevel. This created an outline in the actual flame that made the outer area of the flame a lighter colour than the inner area. I also added shading to create a shadow around the outside to make it stand out against the background.

I used the Text tool to create the text and changed the size of “Studios” so that “Wet Flame” stood out more as that is the most important part of the name. I also added a stroke effect to the text so that it had an outline.
Facebook banner stroke effect
I only added a very thin stroke as the text is not very big and so a large stroke would make it hard to read. I changed the colour of the stroke to a lighter shade of blue to the text so that it stands out but uses the same colour scheme.
Facebook banner effects
I was able to manage all the effects and choose the effects I wanted using this menu. By double clicking with the mouse on any of the layers I was able to choose what effects I wanted to add to each of them.


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