Manipulating sound: Limbo dub

This is my limbo dub. All the sounds in this clip were created with a piece of paper. To create the footsteps of the character I laid the paper on a surface and tapped on it gently. To create the sound of the jump I tapped the paper slightly harder as the impact needed is greater. Other sounds were created by crumpling the paper to create different effects.

This is the original Limbo sequence that I then added the paper sounds to.


Once I had recorded the sounds I edited them using Audacity. Using Audacity I was able to trim the audio I had recorded so that I only had a sound that I wanted and I was able to amplify the sound to make it louder for the sounds that needed it, such as the sound when the character lands after jumping and the rock crashing into the character.

Then I used Adobe Premiere to add the sounds to the clip. This involved watching the clip to find out on which keyframes the sounds would need to be added to in order to properly sync with the video.


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