Mobile phone research

Mobile phone spreadsheet

This task was to find the best deal on a number of different phones from different data providers. The phones had to meet specifications that I would need of them and the research that I did for this task was secondary, looking on the data providers websites at the information and specifications of the phones, and quantitative, looking at the numbers related to the phones. The primary research I could have done for this task would be going into a shop and talking to someone about the phones and learning more about them that way.

The phones I compared were all the latest models to be released by the various phone manufacturers and I compared them all on a 24 month contract so that it was a fair comparison. The data provider I used for most of the phones was Three to also make it fair however I did have to use Vodafone for the Blackberry phone as Three did not have it.

I found that the cheapest phone to get over the course of a 24 month contract was the Motorola Moto Maker model as this would only cost £361 for the duration of the contract. However I felt that this phone did not meet the specifications I wanted as it only had 8GB of memory which was the joint least memory of all the phones along with the Nokia Lumia 735. Therefore I would choose the LG G4 as that has 32GB of memory and is the fourth cheapest phone at £696 for the 24 month contract and its other specifications also meet my needs as it has 1GB of data, 600 minutes of calls, and all you can eat texts which is very useful for me as I text a lot.

In conclusion the research I conducted allowed me to see that the cheapest phone that I could get was not the best phone for me and I have learnt how secondary research can be very useful and it is quite easy to do.


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