Digital Photoshop manipulation

Photoshop collage

This is the montage image that I created in Photoshop using different images and using the various tools in Photoshop to make them look like they are one image.

This is the original background image that I started with. I picked it because it was a just a plain sky background and so I would be able to add whatever I wanted to it.

Death star

This is one of the images that I added to the montage. To remove the black background from this image I used the Magic Wand tool to select the background and delete it, and I also used the eraser tool for parts of the background that the Magic Wand tool couldn’t delete. Then I scaled the image using free transform on the move tool to make it larger.


With this image again I used the Magic Wand and eraser tools to remove the background.

Fallout 4 power armour jetpack

I also used the Magic Wand tool on this image as well as the eraser to remove everything but the character. I also scaled this image to make the character bigger as otherwise it would have been too small.


On this image I used the Magic Wand and eraser tools to remove the background and I also used the rubber to remove his left hand, which I replaced with a robot hand.
Robot hand

With this image I just used the Magic Wand tool to remove the white background and then rotated and scaled it so that it looked like it fit on Superman’s arm.

I think all the images have come together well and look like they could be part of the same image, however on some of them I need to use the magic wand and eraser tools more as some parts of the backgrounds are still visible. Also I could try changing the hue and saturation of the images so that they all look the same.







2 thoughts on “Digital Photoshop manipulation

  1. Liam, you have explained the process clearly, although it would be useful to see screenshots of the different processes that you used. It is also important that you use the correct terminology for the various tools. For example, the “rubber” tool is actually the eraser and the scaling tool you used is “free transform” using the move tool.


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