Manipulating sound- TV Walla

For this task I was creating a Walla sound to be used for a TV. I did this using the tools available in Audacity.

First I had to import the Walla sound into Audacity. I did this by pressing Ctrl + I on the keyboard and then selecting the Walla sound. Then I had to create a white noise to act as TV static while the Walla was playing. I created the white noise by going to the Generate tab, then noise, and then selected White noise and adjusted the amplitude of it until it sounded right and wasn’t so loud that you couldn’t hear anything else.

Then I went to the Effect tab and selected equalization. From here I could change the frequency of the Walla sound. I was able to increase and decrease frequencies until I had a sound that sounded like it was coming from and old television set.

Then while still in the Effects tab I went to leveller. This allowed me to change the difference between loud parts of the sound and soft parts to make the audio easier to hear. To do this I set the degree of levelling to moderate and the noise threshold to -70 dB.

As I had to use different effects to create the Walla sound this task has made me better at using Audacity and I know what more of its features do now.

The different effects that I applied to this sound have worked in making it sound like something being played through an old TV and the white noise is not so loud that you can’t hear anything else so I have done that well.

I think I could have used the equalization effect better and change some of the frequencies more to improve the overall quality of the sound.




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