Production Diary (week 1)

In week one of our production we watched an introductory video to the Age of Napoleon project. This video informed us of the crucial story elements that we will have to work with in our project. We also discussed the project and what we would be creating throughout and what our tasks would be and we talked about why we were doing this task and what we can learn from it.

After this we chose factions for the project in our design teams. My team, Wet Flame Studios, chose the spy faction and were told a bit about our character, Louis Daguerre, who we would work with when doing this project. The other two groups chose the factions the Resistance and Napoleons army.

We also created mood boards to get an idea of the feel we would want to convey in our dossiers. The mood boards I created included examples of paper of the time to give me an idea of the fonts that could be used on our dossier and what textures we could use for our paper to make it look like its from the 1870s. I also included example of some weapons that the spy’s could use and we could maybe adapt for our dossier to look like they have had pieces of the tesseract infused into them to power them.
Mood board Mood board 2

We also did research on Louis Daguerre as he is important to the spy faction and we needed to know more about him so that we could create our story and include accurate information. We put the information we found into a mock social media profile for Daguerre.

Daguerre Profile

Finally we identified potential problems we might have during this project, that relate to interactivity, audio, visual, and logistics. Some of the interactivity problems we discussed include the buttons we are going to have, such as how they will work and what they will be. Also how the user will interact with the dossier and how we will engage them in the dossier in the best way. Some of the visual problems we discussed included the text we will have and how we will make it look like its from the time the game is set and if we include any images or videos how will we make them look accurate for the time period. Audio problems we discussed include the scripts for any audio, and what language we will use to make it seem its from the time period, and also how we will control our environment so that the recordings don’t have any distracting background sounds that interfere with the dialogue. For logistics we talked about how we will keep our dossiers consistent by having themes that we agree on as a group and make sure our layouts are consistent when they need to be and also how we can improve our workflow to ensure we compete the task within the deadline and how we could organize our work to help with this.


One thought on “Production Diary (week 1)

  1. Liam, this is an excellent overview of your week and you detail all of the activities you undertook, explaining the relevance of each of these to the project. Well done!


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