Production Diary (Week 2)

In week two for our production diary we did research on sound reproduction technology that was around at the time Age of Napoleon is set as we can use these technologies as guides for how our audio logs should sound to give them historical accuracy. We placed our findings into a timeline to show the advances in sound reproduction technology.

The first ever piece of sound reproduction technology was the Phonautograph invented in 1857.
Phonautograph timeline

Then came the Phonograph which was invented in 1877.
Phonograph timeline

The next major sound reproduction technology to be invented was the Gramophone in 1890.
Gramophone tiimeline

In our design teams we had meetings where we discussed our strengths and weaknesses, both as a team and individuals, so that we knew what areas we are best at and how we can help each other as some of us our stronger in some areas that others. We also gave ourselves roles that we would each focus on to complete the project. Keiran and Joel are researches, Sam, Keiran, and Kallum are designers, and me and Sam are the script writers. We also briefly discussed what we have done already and what we still need to do in order to complete the project. We then presented this in order to update our clients on what we are going to be doing and what we have done so far.



One thought on “Production Diary (Week 2)

  1. Liam, a good start with your introduction, but what about your team meetings and your presentation? You need to make sure that you include details of all the work that you did that contributes towards your production.


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