Production Diary (Week 3)

In week three for our production we answered questions about the project individually and then came together in our design teams to compare our answers and come up with a team goal for the project. The questions we answered were, who is the client?, who is the audience?, what is the purpose of the project?, what is the key information that the team needs to know?, what is your individual vision for the project?, and what is your team vision for the project?

We answered these questions and discussed them so that we were all clear on who we are doing the project for and who are audience is, as well as what we all hope to achieve at the end of it. We did this so that we all understood what we were doing so there wouldn’t be any confusion about these things.

Also in our teams we started to plan our dossiers. We came up with ideas of what specific content we could include on the pages and started to draw some designs for the layouts of the different pages.


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