Production Diary (Week 6)

In week 6 we presented our Age of Napoleon pitch to the group and showed what we plan to include and create for our interactive dossier.

Napoleon Pitch

For this pitch I made the overview of the brief slide and the key spy information slide. Mood boards and initial ideas that I made were also in the powerpoint as well as my style guide including the colours and fonts I will use for my text. This was to show people what research I had done and how that research would influence my page layout and design, and give people an idea of what my page would eventually look like. The other members of my team also showed off their research and initial ideas. This meant we could show off what we are aiming to make the individual pages like and what the overall dossier will eventually look like.

I think the presentation went well and I spoke clearly and with more confidence than in other presentations I have done, however one time I did not know how to finish what I was saying and so it ended poorly. I could improve on that by having notes of what I’m going to say in future so that I can speak confidently and will know when I need to stop talking and can end a bit better. I think my team mates explained their ideas well and gave everybody a clear idea of what they were planning.

The presentation could have been improved if we showed how we are planning to navigate through the dossier so that we could show how our dossier will connect together. Also we can improve by making it clear what features will be the same on each page to show that they are all together, so that it doesn’t seem like we have all made the pages completely separate from each other and haven’t discussed what elements will be the same throughout the dossier.