Production Diary (Week 4)

In week four of our production diary we had a team meeting to discuss what we were going to do for our powerpoint presentation of our pitch for our interactive dossier. We decided on what slides of the powerpoint we would individually work on and what content we would need to include in the pitch so we knew what work we had created needed to be given to which member of the team so they could put it into the powerpoint. During these discussions I  was given the task of creating the slide demonstrating our outline of the brief and another slide that involves the story of our faction the spies so that the client knows what we have planned so far and what we think about the brief. Joel and Kieran were given the task of compiling slides showing the research we have done, such as mood boards. Kieran also worked on slides showing our style guides so we could show what colours and fonts we plan to use. Sam got together some of our initial ideas to show what we plan for our pages to look like when we start creating them.

I think we planned this well and we were very clear on what each person was going to do so everyone knew what they needed to get from everyone else to make the slides which meant there would be no confusion when the time came to start creating our pitches.


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