Production Skills (Week 4)

In week 4 of our production skills we performed the scripts that we worked on in week 3. This involved voice acting and having to learn our scripts so that we could speak confidently and not make any mistakes. One of the problems I had when doing this task was my script needed to be spoken by a French person so I had to try and do a French accent. I think the accent I did was alright so it wasn’t too much of a problem. I also recorded another persons script so I had to make sure the levels on the recording device were set up correctly so that it would capture their performance in good quality.

In 3DS Max we started to create a generator from the time period of Age of Napoleon is set. We did this working from a reference image to give us an idea of what a generator from that time looked like. This task taught me how to bend shapes so that I can create different objects and how to work from a reference to try and recreate something.

We also designed possible page layouts for our dossiers in our design teams which we would then give to another group so that they could create the pages in Indesign. For this we drew sketches of our design ideas and had to write what text font we wanted and what colour and size we wanted it to be. I annotated my design so that whoever had to create it would know exactly what I wanted on the page and they could create it without having to ask too many questions. This has taught me how to effectively communicate my ideas through a brief and communicate my ideas through drawings.

In Indesign we did work on global navigation and learnt how to add videos. The global navigation work we did was adding a home button to our pages that worked the same way on all of the pages. We did this by creating an A master page and creating the home button on that page so that it would be applied to the other pages. To add a video we went into the Overlay section and selected the video overlay and then imported the video we wanted. This will be useful when we are making our final dossier pages as we will need a home button that users can use easily and we may want to include videos on some of our pages.

I think that the generator I started creating in 3DS Max was good as it did look like a generator from that time and the effects I added to it such as a chamfer and bevel worked well. I think it could be improved as the grooves going over the top of the curve do not look as good as they could.

When we were doing the task involving page layouts I though that I communicated what I wanted well through drawings and annotations and think that whoever was creating that page would know how I want it to look.





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