Production Diary (Week 9)

This week I finished my dossier pages and edited my audio log that I recorded last week.

To finish my pages I finalised the layouts and started to add the information to them. I also added buttons that members of my team had made to the pages so that they had a consistent element, and also the arrows they made fit more with the style of the time period.
First page Second Page Third page Last page

I also created the content page for our dossier that will be used as the home page and will allow users to get to all of our sections.

When editing my audio log I was trying to make it sound like it was being played through a phonograph as that was the technology used at the time for recording audio. To do this I added Brownian noise to my audio log to create static and I also adjusted the equalisation of the audio make it have a slightly higher pitch as that is what audio played through a phonograph sounded like.

I’m happy with my dossier pages as I think they include relevant information and present it in a way that is simple for the audience. I also think I have made it look like its from the 1800’s with the textures and fonts I have used, as well as the assets that my team mates and I have created, such as the back and forward buttons, the arrows, and the wax seal, as these things all look like items you would expect to see during the time period.

I think the audio log I recorded and edited sounds like its being played from a phonograph, which fits in with the audio of the time period, however I think I could improve its authenticity by having other sounds, such as a sound imitating the cranking of the handle for when audio is being recorded on a phonograph.




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