Production Diary (Week 10)

This week we finished working on our dossiers by adding all our pages together and then making sure that the interactivity and navigation between pages worked correctly.

We encountered many problems when we first combined our pages. One of these problems was at first the buttons we set up would not go to the correct page, for example our home buttons would not go to our dossiers home page instead they went to the first page of their section of the dossier. We figured out that this problem was being caused by the fact that when we added our dossier sections into the same InDesign document the pages were placed in separate columns, and were all numbered the same. We managed to fix the numbering problem by just changing the numbers from which the columns started counting from, but we couldn’t figure out how to merge the pages into the same column. Eventually we discovered how to do it and then all the buttons worked correctly.

Another problem we had was we didn’t have a proper home page. We were just using our content page for that which meant when other people tried using our dossier they didn’t know what they were looking at. To solve this we had to decide what we wanted our home page to look like and we settled on it being the front of a folder with a stamp on it that told people what the dossier was for. This led to another problem as we had to figure out how to make a stamp in Photoshop. We made the stamp by first finding a symbol on the internet that we could use as our logo. We also made sure that it was an image that we were allowed to use. Then in Photoshop we created a circle and then cut out the center piece so that we were left with the outline. Then we edited the symbol we found so that it was red, the colour we wanted our stamp to be. Then we added the text we wanted and finally we used the brush tool to create splatters across the stamp, and also used the blur tool on parts of the stamp to make it look realistic.

I’m pleased with our finished dossier as the content we created for it such as audio logs and 3D objects all look really good and the overall dossier does look like something from the intended time period. Also the interactive elements we have all work with no problems. However one thing we could have done better is make our audio logs stop playing when we change page, because the way we have it set up is the audio logs keep playing unless you tap them to pause them, even if you start another audio log, which is not good. We could have fixed that problem by re adding our audio through the Media tab on Indesign instead of through Overlays, but because of the problems we had trying to synchronize all our pages we did not have the time to fix this issue.



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