Production Skills (Week 6)

This week we learnt how to turn a 3D model we have made into an image sequence, so that in our dossiers the users can rotate the model however they want to view it. To do this we first added keyframes and rotated our object so that it did one full rotation. Then we rendered the object as a JPEG, making sure that we had selected all the frames so that there was an image for each frame. Then when we viewed the image sequence we could rotate the object as much as we liked in any direction we wanted.

The problems I encountered during this task was setting up the right amount of keyframes so that the objected started and finished rotating in the same position as I had to figure out how many keyframes I would need and how much of a gap I should leave between each one. I decided on having 100 frames and inserting a keyframe every 20 frames so that when I rotated it the object would finish in the same position it started in.

This skill will be useful for our dossiers as we need visual elements and an image sequence of a 3D model would offer that and also it would bring interactivity as the user would be able to swipe to rotate the object so they can get a better look at it.


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