Interactive Media Ecosystem

Interactive ecosystem

The purpose of this task was to learn more about the Interactive Media industry ecosystem. To do this we researched the four main sections of the interactive media ecosystem, these are Organisations and Institutions, Sectors, Job Roles, and Platforms and Media. As a part of Organisations and Institutions I did research into Publishers and Developers. I looked at EA and Ubisoft as they both publish and develop games. During my research I learnt that they both have a team within the organisation that only focuses on publishing and another team that will focus on the development of games. I also looked into the retail of interactive products. For this I looked at Amazon and a website called Interactive Media Retail Group that contains data on the retail of interactive media products. Once we had researched the sections we put the information into an inphographic.

These key areas of the interactive media ecosystem are connected as skills for job roles in the gaming industry can be transferred to jobs in the film industry, with things like animation, and creating characters as character bibles can be used for films and games. Also organisations and institutions can work together with platform and media of products, through things like platform exclusives for game consoles, where an organisations will work together to create a game just for one specific platform. Also institutions and organisations will need to decide which media their product would me best suited towards.

I think I found out useful information about publishers and developers and the data provided by the Interactive Media Retail Group gave me an insight into the retail of products, such as how much each company sells. I think I could have found more information than I did if I looked at more examples of publishers and developers and retailers, as I would have found more variety and would have learned more. I think the inphographic that I created presents the key information in a clear way but I think I could improve its layout so that each section has more space and I can fit more information for each section.

The information I have found out will be useful to me as I know abut the relationships between the different parts of the ecosystem in interactive media, and I can use this for my project as I know more about the sectors in interactive media and what skills are needed for those sectors, so I can analyse my skills and see where they best fit and then decide on a final major project that would best fit those skills. However many skills can fit into multiple sectors so if I have skills that could be useful for many projects I will have more choice of projects for my final one.

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3 thoughts on “Interactive Media Ecosystem

  1. Liam, there is some evidence of research here, but you have not really considered how this applies to your work. How and why is this relevant? Your infographic is hard to decipher – the information is presented in quite a haphazard way. You also need to make sure that you include Harvard references for your work.


  2. Liam, there is also little connection between the sectors. You have not really shown an understanding of the way in which these different sectors link together.


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