Production Processes flowchart

For this task I had to find two interactive media products and then research the production processes that went into creating them. The purpose of this is to help me understand all the work that is necessary to creating a product in interactive media, as that is what I will be doing for the Final Major Project, so knowing about the processes will be useful to me. The two products I looked at for this were The Last of Us, which is a video game, and YouTube, a website.


This is a flowchart of the production processes when creating the video game The Last of Us. The flowchart goes through all the production stages, pre-production, production, and post-production.

Last of Us flowchart
Ryan Worcester. (2014). The last of us game dev pipeline. Available: Last accessed 06/06/2016.
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This is a flowchart that shows the processes of making YouTube.

Youtube flowchart

N/A. (2016). When was YouTube created?. Available: Last accessed 06/06/2016.

From this task I have learnt about the different processes that go into making a product in interactive media in pre-production, production, and post-production. This task has also taught me the amount of research that is involved when creating something like a video game, and the order in which the processes take place and how they are sometimes linked together. This will be helpful to me when I am creating my project as I know about all the research I will need to do before I can start my production, and I also know that testing my product will be very important as I will be able to identify problems and then I can go back and fix them, so I will need to test my product regularly. Also I have learned how long pre-production can take so I know I will need to start this early so that I give myself enough production and post-production time so that I can complete the project to the highest standard possible.




3 thoughts on “Production Processes flowchart

  1. Liam, there is no context to these production processes! You have not bothered to introduce the task, explain the purpose of it, or reflect on what you have learned. Where is your evidence of research? Where are your references?


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