Hardware and Software of specialist area Toolbox

For this task I looked at the hardware and software that would be used in my chosen specialist areas, 2D artist and Scriptwriter. I presented this information in a flowchart and discussed why each piece of hardware and software would be used and why it is useful for each specialist area. From this task I learnt some of the hardware and software that I will be using for my Final Major project and learnt why they are useful.

Toolbox image


This task has allowed me to find out the software and hardware that is available to me for both of my specialist areas. This will be useful when I start my project as I will already have some idea of what I can use and the pros and cons of each which will help me make my decision, which will help speed up my pre-production and production periods and also make them easier for me so I will have more time to make sure that everything works well and the product I create is as good as it can be. This is especially useful for the 2D artist area, as I previously did not know very much about the software or hardware that I would be able to use, but now I know more and so it will be easier for me when I start creating 2D art.

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2 thoughts on “Hardware and Software of specialist area Toolbox

  1. Liam, you have identified some appropriate software and hardware related to your proposed project, but this is a little limited. You also need to identify your sources of information, Harvard reference and also reflect on what you have learned from this. You need to make sure that you put this in the context of your FMP ideas too.


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