My Career Map

For this task I had to think about what kind of career I want in the future and plan how I would achieve that through going to university and getting certain qualifications.

Career map

If I decide I want to try to become a concept artist I will go to university and get a masters degree and bachelors degree from Teesside University where I will also be able to g on a work placement, which will give me valuable experience into becoming a professional concept artist. After finishing university I will try to build up a portfolio by creating projects and producing concept art for them and then networking by meeting professionals at conventions or getting in touch through social media, so that my work can get noticed and I increase my chances of getting a job.


This task has given me an idea of how I can achieve my desired career goals and what qualifications I will need to get and what other work I will need to do.

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2 thoughts on “My Career Map

  1. Liam, this is a very basic career path that has no substantial detail. What specific courses would you attend? Where? How long would they take? What qualifications would you have at the end? What specific work experience would you need? How would you develop your portfolio? How exactly do you become a “game designer” (this sounds very wishy-washy – what do you really mean by this?). How do you become a “digital comic creator” – again, this is not a specific job title. You need MUCH more research and detail here!


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