Target Audience Profiles

For this task I picked an e-book called The Enemy, and created two different audience profiles for the kind of people that would read this book in this format.

The Enemy target audience

The Enemy audience profile 2

The purpose of this task was to think about my potential audience as actual people so that it is easier to think about what content they want and how they would use the product which would help me decide what format and platform to make it available on. This task will help me with my Final Major Project as the audience is an important part of the work I have to do, so thinking about my audience and what they will want is going to be very useful, and this task has taught me how I can think of them like actual people instead of just a general audience, which will help me be specific when I am talking about my audience.  I chose to create audience profiles for an eBook because I am planning to create a digital comic book for my Final Major Project and eBooks and digital comics are used in similar ways on the same platforms so by thinking of the audience for an eBook it will be similar when I am thinking about the audience for my digital comic book. Digital comics and eBooks are used in similar way because many of the people who read comics are children, so for them being able to read anywhere at any time of day is something they would like, and many children also read books so digital versions of both these mediums would be popular among children.


2 thoughts on “Target Audience Profiles

  1. Liam, your audience profiles are good and give an idea of the kind of audience for your chosen product. However, you need to explain the purpose of the task and reflect a little more on how this will help you with your project. Why did you choose an eBook? What is the connection between this and your own work?


    1. I have updated it so that I explain the purpose of the task and reflect on how this will help me with my project. I have also explained why I chose an eBook and how this connects to my work.


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