Specialist Area Team Member Profiles

For this task I had to think about the specialist areas that relate to my Final Major Project idea and then create profiles for the team members that would work in those areas.

2D artist team member profile

Scriptwriter team member profile



This task has given me an idea of the type of skills and experience that I would need to work in these areas and also the tasks that I would be expected to perform which will be useful as these are the areas that I am focusing on for my Final Major Project. I can use this for my final major project as I know what skills I need for scriptwriter and creating 2D art now and I know what skills I already have and what I need to improve so I will be able to focus on improving the skills that I am not very efficient in so that my work can be of good quality. This also means that production of my final major project will be easier as I now know exactly what I have to do for both the key areas, for example I now know what skills I need to improve in order to be able to create 2D art that is a good enough standard for my final major project.

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2 thoughts on “Specialist Area Team Member Profiles

  1. Liam, while some of the details that you include are accurate, there is no evidence of substantial research to support this. Your information is very basic, particularly when it comes to skills and experience. Where is your evidence of research to support this? Where are your references?


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