Ideas Evaluation

For this task I had to evaluate each of my three ideas, focusing on my strengths and weaknesses related to each idea, as well as the opportunities each idea would provide for me, and anything that would be a threat to me successfully completing each project. I also thought about what was good about each idea and what was bad, to better give me an understanding of which idea would be the best one for me to do for my final major project.

Idea 1: Zombie story in the form of a digital comic

The advantages this idea has is it allows me to develop certain areas of my skills and try new techniques. Also this idea lets me do things I do enjoy such as writing through creating the story and the characters. Also I will be able to improve certain skills such as my drawing skills. The things I do well that will be used for this idea are scripting and creating characters so if I choose to do this idea there are elements of it that I would be good. The resources available to me for this idea are computers, Photoshop, graphics tablets, and software such as Madefire that I can use to put my comic together. Other people see my strengths as writing and performing, so this idea will only allow me to show off one of those strengths.

If I were to do this idea for my Final Major project I would need to improve my drawing skills as at the moment they are not very good and this idea would require me to draw a lot. With this idea I should avoid doing complex drawings as that is beyond my skill level, so I should instead focus on drawings that I would be able to complete. Other people agree that my weaknesses are my drawing skills so this idea is not the best for me to do as my weakness is a major part of what this idea involves.

With this idea I have the opportunity to improve my skills in drawing and also create an interesting product if I do something different to all the other zombie products that exist. Also due to the popularisation of smartphones and tablets many people own devices that can access digital comics so there is the potential for my product to reach a wide audience. Also due to smartphones and tablets people can buy and read digital comics whenever they want so this could also mean more people purchasing my product.

The threats facing this project are my weaknesses in terms of drawing, as this is a comic I will need to draw characters and backgrounds consistently which would be very difficult for me, and I might not have the time to improve my drawing and still complete the project.

Idea 2: Podcast in the form of radio show giving advice about zombies.
One advantage this idea has is there aren’t any other products like it, meaning it will stand out among other zombie products. Also this idea fits with my strengths in writing, for the script, and audio performance, when recording it. Also this project would allow me to edit audio again which I enjoyed from the Age of Napoleon project, and doing more editing will help me improve my skills. Other people agree that my strengths are writing and performance so this idea will allow me to show off things I am good at, which will make the project easier to produce. The resources that are available to me for this project are Celtx which is a free script writing website that I can use to create my script, also there is a soundproof room at the college that I can use to record in to get the best quality audio and make it sound authentic for a radio show. I can also use Audacity to edit the audio.

The weakness of this idea is my audio editing skills are very basic at the moment because I haven’t done much editing, but with this project I would get more experience and learn new techniques for editing. Therefore I should avoid doing anything at this time that would need complex editing as I wouldn’t have the knowledge to do it. Other people do not think that I have any weaknesses related to this idea.

This idea gives me the opportunity to create a unique product that will interest people and hopefully be entertaining to people as well. Also 3.7 million adults in the UK listen to podcasts so there is a wide audience for this product to reach. Also there are many apps available that offer podcasts now, so it is very easy for someone to purchase a podcast and they can listen to them anywhere.

The threats facing this idea are I will need other people to act parts out in this podcast, so I will have to find people who have the time to take part in this but also perform to the standard that I want to make it seem like a real radio show, so if I can’t find anyone capable of doing this it will be a big problem for this project and I would have to play all the characters which would result in the podcast not sounding as authentic as it could be.

Idea 3: Interactive zombie story- choose your own adventure.

The strengths of this idea are I will be able to write a story and create characters which I enjoy and also I will be able to improve at story development as I will need to think of choices for people to make and then adapt the story to those choices. One resource available to me to create a choose your own adventure book is the app inklewriter that would allow me to create branching narratives easily. As writing is one of my strengths this project would be good for me and other people agree with that.

One possible weakness for this idea could be that I have no experience writing a story with choices and many possible narratives, so trying to achieve this in the limited time I have to complete this project might not be possible. Other people agree that this project might be difficult to achieve in the time I have, if I want to make the story interesting and offer choices that people care about the outcome of.

The opportunities this idea offers are I can improve my story development and also get to try creating a story and characters that people will care about enough to think about the choices being offered to them and care about the impact of those choices. Also as many people use tablets and phones to read they would be good platforms to make this available on to reach a wider audience.

The threats to this idea are I haven’t created a story with choices before so I won’t know how to implement choices into the story, also I might not have enough time to learn how to do this and then make the book. Also I will have to learn how to use the app for creating these stories and that might take too much time.

This task has made me think about which idea I would be better suited to and what I would have to do in order to complete whatever idea I choose. Also I have thought about what I am good at and what I need to improve. This task has also made me realise which idea would be the best to do based on the opportunities and threats that each one faces. I can use this to inform me when I make my final decision on what idea to do for my Final Major Project.


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