The inspiration behind the idea

I am inspired by the writer Anthony Horowitz. I first discover his work when I was eight years old when I read Stormbreaker, the first book in the Alex Rider series. As well as the Alex Rider series, his work includes the Power of Five series, which includes Raven’s Gate, Evil Star, Night Rise, Necropolis, and Oblivion. He has also written two Sherlock Holmes novels, The House of Silk, and Moriarty, and also has two horror books. Also as well as writing books he has created and written some successful TV series, such as Folye’s War, Collision, and Injustice.  I find his work interesting because he creates interesting worlds for his stories that are very real but still contain fictional elements, and creates interesting characters that I care about that makes me want to read more. His characters are interesting as he makes them feel like real people through how they speak and act and through their interests. From his work I can learn how to create believable characters that my audience will connect with, and also I can learn how I can make my fictional world feel like the real world but slightly different which is what I am aiming to do with a zombie narrative. Also I think his work is interesting as he writes different genres of books, he has written horror books and action books, which means that all his books are slightly different which keeps them interesting.

Anthony Horowitz is important as he has written over 40 books, including the Alex Rider series, which is a best selling series, and writes for both teens and adults. He is also important because all of his books have been successful and critically acclaimed.

One of Anthony Horowitz’s inspirations was his first boss, a man called Don White. Don inspired him to write with energy and put that energy into his work and also to enjoy what he does. I also think Ian Fleming was another inspiration as Anthony Horowitz is a fan of James Bond and has written a James Bond book, also his Alex Rider series is based on a teenage spy who works for MI6, and the series has been compared to the James Bond series.

He used English and writing skills to create his work. These skills are essential to someone trying to become a writer and he has practiced them throughout his life and career to become as good as he is.

Anthony Horowitz is relevant to my project as I will be writing a story and creating characters, so I can use his work as inspiration for that by using his work to help me how to write an interesting story and interesting characters that people will want to read about.

I can learn how to create interesting characters and stories, and how to keep the reader interested so that they keep reading and enjoy it. Also I can learn how to write so that I can describe things effectively.

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2 thoughts on “The inspiration behind the idea

  1. Liam, while you make some interesting observations about the work of Anthony Horowitz, I don’t see much connection with your ideas. You say that he creates interesting worlds and interesting characters, but what do you really mean by this? How are they interesting? What can you learn from this? At the moment, this seems to be a general discussion of a writer that you like, rather than an influence for your own work.


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