Legal and Ethical Do’s and Don’t’s

For this task I came up with a list of do’s and don’t’s for Copyright and Intellectual Property, Representation and Regulation, Contracts and Commissions, and Health and Safety and Risk Assessments that relate directly to my final major project, so that I would know what I have to do and what I need to avoid in order to comply with all the laws in place.

Copyright and Intellectual Property
DO- Make sure any images or music and sound effects I use are free to use or I get permission from the copyright holder.

DON’T- Use anything that is copyrighted without getting permission or assume something is free to use.

Representation and Regulation
DO- Make sure I represent people from different regions and occupations equally so as not to offend anyone.

DON’T- Use stereotypes as these do not accurately represent people as I want my characters to feel real, however I want them to be funny so I will exaggerate them a bit, so I have to be careful not to exaggerate too much so that it becomes offensive.

Contracts and Commissions
DO- Repay people who have helped me with this project.

DO- Give them a fair amount of time to complete the work.

DO- Help them understand the work.

DON’T- Change the work I want them to do, during the project

Health and Safety and Risk Assessment
DO- Sit in a position that is safe when using a computer.

DO- Make sure any wires from the computer do not trip anyone.

DO- Make sure the microphone is set up properly when recording, so that it does not fall and potentially injure someone.

DON’T- Eat or drink near a computer as this could potentially damage the computer in a way that makes it a risk for others.

DON’T- Sit too close to a computer screen as this will damage my eyes and also I will be sitting in an uncomfortable position which could damage my back or neck.

DON’T- Sit at a computer for too long as this could damage my eyes.

This task has taught me about the laws that are in place to protect intellectual property and about copyright laws. Also it has taught me about any work I commission to other people and how I have to treat those people and what I can do to ensure that myself and other people are kept safe while I am working on my project. This will be useful as it will prevent me from using work I am not allowed to use, prevent people from getting injured and also me getting into trouble from representing a group of people in a bad way.


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2 thoughts on “Legal and Ethical Do’s and Don’t’s

  1. Liam, you have put these do’s and don’ts in context of what you are doing for your project, although you need to break these down more clearly into do’s and don’ts. There is no evidence of research into the legal aspects of this work, however and at the moment it feels a little incomplete – what about contracts and commissions?


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