Focus group and Final Idea


For this task we got into focus groups and discussed each others three final major project ideas and gave each other feedback on what worked in those ideas and what could be improved and also gave feedback on possible ideas the person could use in their project.

Digital Comic Book

The first idea for my Final Major Project is to create a digital comic book, set during a zombie apocalypse in London, following two main characters as they try to survive. My idea for what caused the zombie outbreak was a virus that has been dormant for centuries suddenly becoming active and infecting the worlds population in only a few days.

The feedback I received on the idea of the dormant virus was to maybe consider a genetic modification experiment going wrong and creating a zombie that way. I think this is an interesting idea as having someone be genetically modified and accidentally become a zombie is an original idea that would separate my work from all the other zombie narratives there are.

Another piece of feedback I received about how the dormant virus could be activated again was a group of people digging up an ancient burial site that has contained the virus, and by digging it up they expose the world to the virus and it infects people that way.
This idea is good as it offers an explanation as to how the virus stopped being dormant and how it was able to come into contact with enough people to start infecting the whole world.

Another idea I got from the feedback was to use the other members of the class to create profiles for the different types of zombies as part of a character bible.
This could be useful as it would help me think about the different zombie types there could be and creating a character bible will help me know everything about the characters which will make writing them easier, and also I will be able to visualise them for when I draw them.

The final piece of feedback I received was that this project would be very hard for me to complete to a good enough standard, as my drawing skills are currently not good so I would need to improve them, also this project would be hard to complete in the time I have available to do it as I would need to draw and write everything I needed for the comic, then scan it so that its on a computer, then edit it by colouring it if I need to, and then publishing it. All of that is a lot to accomplish in the short time I would have so maybe I should consider one of my other ideas instead.

Choose your own adventure book
My second idea is to create a choose your own adventure type book, set in a zombie apocalypse, where readers would take control of a character and have to make choices that will directly affect the plot of the book. The feedback I received on this idea was to research what program I could use to make the book, as at the moment I am not sure about what I could use to do this. Also I was told to think about how I would incorporate the different choices so that they have an impact, and think about how having a lot of choices will create a lot of work for me as I will have to create multiple versions of the story to reflect the choices people have made. This feedback has made me think if I will be able to complete this in the time I have available, as I need to do research to find what I can use to make it, and I would have to think about the choices I am going to have in the book and how I am going to fit them into the story and get readers to choose from them.

My third idea is to produce a podcast that is set as a radio show during a zombie apocalypse that gives people advice on what to do when they encounter zombies. This would involve me performing and possibly getting some other people to act. The feedback I got from this idea is this is easier for me achieve in the time frame I have. Another piece of feedback I got was that this would be a good project for me to do as I enjoy performing and script writing, and if I script it correctly so that it does seem like a radio show it could be a very good project . This feedback has made me think that this idea is the best one for me to do for my project.

Final Idea
From the feedback I received from this task I have decided that I am going to do my podcast idea, as I think my skills are better suited to a podcast than a digital comic book, and in the time I have to do this I don’t think I could do all the research for a choose your own adventure type story and creating the story for that and then fitting choices into it would be difficult for me to achieve. However I think creating a podcast will be easier as although I will still need to do a lot of research into the formats of podcast and radio shows so that I know what I will need to do for it, when I start production my skills are better suited for this idea. Also I have enjoyed the sound work that I have done during this year and I want to develop my skills in this area further and maybe get a job working with sound in the future.

Action Plan

  • Research existing podcasts/radio plays
  • Learn more about the editing tools in Audacity
  • Research how I could publish it
  • Start scripting
  • Record
  • Edit
  • Publish

2 thoughts on “Focus group and Final Idea

  1. Liam, this is a more detailed post and you outline your ideas reasonably well (although your first idea needs formatting, with use of paragraphs to make it easier to read). However, your detail on the feedback that you received is a little limited in places. You also need to develop your reflection in terms of why you chose your final idea over some of the others included.


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