Project Proposal

FMP Project Proposal

Project Proposal powerpoint

This is my project proposal and my powerpoint presentation that I presented at my production board meeting. The proposal explains what I am going to do and how I am going to do it, and also has a action plan that shows when I plan to complete my work. The powerpoint presentation explains the platform I am going to make my podcast available on, my target audience, and my inspirations for this idea.

The feedback I received on this was to research the format of podcasts and radio shows so that I can make my podcast sound as authentic as possible. Also I should look at existing podcasts and radio shows and deconstruct them so I know what elements go into each, and what I will need to include to make my podcast sound like an actual radio show.


3 thoughts on “Project Proposal

  1. Liam, I have read your proposal and you have made a good start. However, you need to make sure that you contextualise your project properly in your rationale. Why an audio project? Why podcasts? How does this fit with industry trends? In your project concept section, you also need to be clearer about what exactly you will produce and what you are hoping to achieve. Are you really influenced by The Archers? It doesn’t really connect with the kind of content that you describe. Your evaluation section is generally good and your bibliography section is developing, although you need more sources for story development here.


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