Development Diary Week 7

This week I created the second and third drafts of my script, and started to think of ideas for a logo for my podcast. I also did a run through of the three scripts with the other people who are going to act in it, and got feedback from this.

For the second draft of my script I created new dialogue and events that happen during the show so that I explored different options from the first draft. By exploring different options it means that more possibilities are created and I will be able to improve from my first draft.2

Script Zombie Radio Show draft 2

For my third draft I took elements from the first two drafts that I thought could work well together and combined them. I did this because I felt both drafts had good parts of them and I wanted to see if they would work if I put them together.

Script Zombie show draft 3

Once I had completed my second and third drafts I started thinking about possible ideas for a logo. As my podcast is a zombie themed radio show my ideas revolved around a radio station surrounded in fog or mist to add to the atmosphere that it is set in a world with zombies.

When the three drafts of my scripts were completed I did a run through of all of them with the people I am going to have act in it to test how it will sound when it comes together and see if elements of the script work or not, so that I have time to make any necessary changes before I go to record the actual podcast, and the actors can start to learn their lines so that they are ready for the final recording. Feedback I received from this rehearsal was that the host is too controlling of the debate and does not allow the other characters much chance to discuss each others arguments, and also the guest characters do not interact with each other enough as their only interactions come through the host. From this feedback I decided to give the host less dialogue so that the debate can feel more natural and this also allows for the guests to interact with each other and actually argue against each other. I think this will make it feel like a more natural debate and will also make it funnier to listen to, as each response won’t have been set up by the host.

My original idea for this project did not include creating a logo for the podcast but I believe creating a logo would make my presentation of the podcast better as professionally produced podcasts have logos for users to identify them, so I am going to create a logo to go with the podcast for when I publish it.



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