Development Diary Week 8

This week I created the fourth and final draft of my script, recorded the podcast, and started editing the podcast.

The final draft of my script was based off of the feedback I received last week during the rehearsal, from the people acting in it as they all had suggestions on how I could improve it. One of the pieces of feedback I received was to have more interaction between the characters of Jason and Dr. Winter, because in the previous drafts those two did not speak to each other they spoke about each other to the host of the show. I used this feedback to add more interaction between those two characters and less of the host talking to them, making it feel more like a debate than just the host asking separate questions to people and controlling the flow of the show.

Script Zombie Time

When I was recording the podcast I used a sound proof room to increase the quality of the sound and make it sound like an actual radio show as there won’t be as much echo to interfere with the recording. One issue I had while recording was adjusting the levels for certain parts, such as when one character screams in fear, as this part could have been distorted if I didn’t adjust the levels correctly. I also recorded the foley sounds that I was going to use throughout the podcast. The only issue I had with this was finding a prop that could make a sound similar enough to the sound effect I want, for example for the rustling of chains sound effect I used my keys as they were able to make a similar sound but it wasn’t completely perfect so I had to edit it slightly.

Once I had all my sounds recorded I went online to to get music for the intro and outro of the podcast. I also got a Wilhelm scream from because at one point a character screams but it is unknown what character and I wanted to experiment with a Wilhelm scream to see if it would work, because the Wilhelm scream is an iconic sound effect that is used in many products .

Once I had all my recordings and the music I wanted I started to edit it all together. The only issue I had during this part was synchronising all of the foley up to the speech where it needs to be. I also edited the sound from my keys to make them sound more like chains. To do this I changed the pitch and amplified the sound.
Change pitch on chain

Amplify chain

After I had put the wilhelm scream in I listened to the full podcast and decided the wilhelm scream was unnecessary as it didn’t add anything to the podcast and seemed very out of place so I removed it and decided not to put another scream in its place as I think the podcast works better without it.

I think the podcast does match with my original intentions because it does offer advice to people on what to do when they encounter a zombie and some of the advice is better than other advice, and it does contain funny elements which I hoped it would at the beginning of the project. (2015) (Accessed: 7 June 2016)

FoxyGamerMC (2006) Wilhelm.wav by SweetNeo85





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