Development Diary Week 9

This week I researched colour theory and the meaning certain colours have. I did this for the thumbnail I am going to create for my podcast as I want to use colours to create a certain atmosphere, as my logo is going to involve zombies I want colours that have meanings that can relate to zombies. I also started drawing ideas for my logo and then created my logo

The three colours that I found that have a meaning that relate to zombies are red, purple, and black.

My research into the colour red has taught me that red is the colour of extremes and can represent violence, danger, and anger, which are all commonly found in zombie fiction. Also red is the colour of blood and in zombie fiction blood is very common when zombies bite someone and when zombies are killed. However I learnt that when using red the background colour is important, as red against a black background seems to glow and can appear larger, whereas red on a white background seems duller in comparison.

While I was researching the colour purple I discovered that it is a supernatural colour, possibly due to its rarity in nature and because in the past it was a very expensive colour to create so it was only worn by people in power, such as the emperors of Rome. Another reason purple is considered a supernatural colour could be because it is the most powerful visible wavelength of electromagnetic energy, which makes it more associated with supernatural ability and the cosmos than the real physical world. Purple also symbolises magic, mystery, and spirituality which might make it a good colour for me to use as zombies have elements of mystery in them and they also don’t seem possible in the real world.

From researching the colour black I learnt it is associated with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery. This is interesting as there is a contrast between the things it is associated with as death and elegance are not normally associated with each other. Black is a mysterious colour that is also associated with fear and the unknown, which is appropriate for zombies.

From doing this research I have learnt about the meanings and symbolism of certain colours and how this can convey meaning from colours. This will help me when I am creating my podcast thumbnail as I will know what colours I can use to create certain effects and convey different meanings and create an atmosphere of mystery and danger, which is what I want for a zombie themed thumbnail, to create a sense of horror and fear.

Once I had researched colour theory and decided on the three colours I wanted to use in my logo I sketched five possible designs for my logo.






These designs all feature zombies and something related to radio as I want the logo to reflect that this podcast is a radio show about zombies.

Once  had these designs I used them to create the logo.


Although this logo isn’t an exact copy of one of the ideas I drew it clearly takes inspiration from them, and uses the three colours that I felt would be the best to use for something involving zombies due to my research into colour theory.

I feel I could make the logo look much better if I had more time but as I didn’t decide to make a logo until later in the project my focus was on completing the podcast as well as I could so not much time went into this logo as I knew I was running out of time to have everything completed when I started to create designs for it. When I first completed this thumbnail I was satisfied with it because I felt the colours conveyed the horror feeling that I was aiming for, however after receiving feedback on this design I realised that I could make one that is much better.

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