Development Diary Week 10

This week I decided to create a different version of my logo as I was not completely happy with my first attempt and I felt I could do much better if I put more time into it.

New logo

This is my updated logo design. I decided to have the on air sign look like it was dripping with blood because my podcast is done as a radio show about zombies so I want some horror elements in the logo. To create the dripping effect I used the brush tool to create lines coming down from the letters and then added a liquify effect to those lines. I added an outer glow to the letters as well to make it look like the sign is lit up.

To make the tombstone look like it was made out of concrete and not just a grey rectangle with a curve I added some noise to it to make it look rough and slightly damaged as this makes the tombstone have a more horror feel to it.

For the zombie hand coming out of the ground holding the microphone I found an image online and drew around it using a graphics tablet, as I felt this would allow me to make it look better by adding more detail than if I drew using the mouse. I used different shades of green on the hand to add detail and make some parts look more damaged as this is a zombie hand so the skin shouldn’t be perfect. I used the colour green for the hand as I wanted a cartoon style look for the zombie because my podcast also has elements of comedy in it and I felt a cartoon zombie would be able to reflect that more than a realistic one. I used a yellow banner around Zombie Time to make the title of my podcast stand out against the other elements of the logo.


I think this second logo is much better than my first as I took more time to make this one and put more effort into it and added more detail so it looks much more professional and better represents what my podcast is about.


Pixabay (2016) Free image on Pixabay – fight, fist, Mic, microphone, music. Available at: (Accessed: 16 June 2016).


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