Unit 11

Reflection of Year One

To ensure I get the most of my second year of this course and to make me think about what I do when I finish college I reflected on my first year. I was thinking about what I learned and enjoyed, and what my goals were at the start of the year compared to the end, and what my short term, mid-term, and long-term career goals are.

In my first year I learnt how to create models in 3DS Max and then texture those models and render them to put them in a video game engine. I also learnt how to use Photoshop to manipulate images and create assets for graphic work. In addition, I learnt about composition and the rule of thirds in photography, and how to adjust the shutter speed and aperture on a camera. I also learnt about design and how to layout things, like the dossier pages I created last year. One thing I learnt a lot about last year was sound and recording techniques such as Foley and sound editing. I think my strengths last year were sound related. The scripts I wrote for the various sound projects I was doing were all good and in the Age of Napoleon project, my script used appropriate language for the time. The sound I recorded was all at a high quality however, I think I could have edited some of it better. My weaknesses last year were in 3D modelling and graphic design as in 3D I was not very good at creating realistic looking objects and my texturing was very basic and in graphic design m layouts were not very good most of the time and the colours and font I used were not always the best.

Last year I enjoyed all of the work we did with sound, particularly learning about Foley as I thought it was interesting actually getting to try doing Foley, as it was quite hard to think of what object could make the required sound and then making sure that I was in time with the footage. I also enjoyed using 3DS Max as I liked seeing an object come together even if I was not good at it.

My goals at the start of the year were to learn more about Photoshop and 3DS Max as I knew we would be using them a lot but I had never used them before, so I wanted to get better at them to improve the quality of my work. My goals evolved during the year to learn more about sound production as I was really enjoying learning about sound and also to improve my graphic design skills as the work I was producing in that did not look good.

My short-term goal now is to research apprenticeships and jobs involving sound production for film and TV and see if there are any that I would be interested in doing. In addition, I want to research the different sound roles there are for film and TV and see which one I would like to do the most.

My medium term goals are get an apprenticeship or work experience in sound production to prepare me for a career in that area.

My long-term goal is to get a job in sound production or post-production as they are the areas of sound I enjoy.

Unit 10

Audience analysis

The audience for crowdfunding websites Indiegogo and Kickstarter are similar but do have some big differences. The audience for both sites is predominantly male, however the age of the audience varies slightly between the sites, as older people use Indiegogo whereas more young people are using Kickstarter. Also the people who use Kickstarter are earning more than the people who use Indiegogo and more people who use Kickstarter have been to or are currently at college compared to Indiegogo where more people are at grad school.

The article about video games audiences taught me that there has been an increase in the number of digital console and PC purchases and a decrease in physical copy purchases over the last two years. It also taught me that about 40% of the UK population aged between 6 and 64 play video games and on average 11-64 year olds spend 8.8 hours a week playing video games, and the majority of people are playing packaged games and on console and PC. Also 58% of players are male and only 42% are female and the majority of male gamers are between 15 and 2 years old.

Unit 9

Digital video presentation


For this task we had to find two examples of digital videos and discuss why video was used, what the purpose was, what the format and genre is, and how the the purpose, format, and genre influence the content and aesthetics. I chose to look at the trailer for the Justice League.

From this task I learnt how the aesthetics of a video can be influenced by the purpose of the video and this will help me when doing the project as I will need to think about the purpose when I am deciding on the look and feel of the video.