Unit 12 Weeks 1 and 2- Personal Primary Research

Who am I?

The task I did in week 1 was to identify things that I love and then why I love them and what I know about them. To do this I created a mind map of the things I loved and then branched off of those with why I loved them. I then made a list of what I know about each thing. The purpose of this task was to give me ideas about what I could explore during the next few weeks and build towards my Final Major Project by getting me to think about what I enjoy and what I know and don’t know so that I can perform research to learn more and inform my possible ideas more.


















This task was to get me to start thinking about what I like and what it is about them that I like so that I have some ideas for what I will want to explore through my research and what I might want my Final Major Project to focus on. This task was also to get me started on my research as I was conducting research on myself and finding out what I knew and realising that there is a lot I don’t know that I will need to do more research into to find out about them. From this task I confirmed that I am drawn to stories that have interesting characters that engage me in the story and make me want to find out more and so for my FMP I might try to do something where I can create characters and a story as that is something that interests me a lot.


Interview Task

For this task I was paired with a member of the Games Development course and we had to interview each other to find out about ourselves and what we would like to explore for this year’s final major project. To do this I had to prepare questions that I would ask in order to find out relevant information about them, so I had to think about what I wanted to know and how I could get that information from them in an interview.

From this task I learned that I enjoy storytelling very much and my favourite films, games, TV shows, and books all have very well built stories and characters that appeal to me, which I had not thought much about before but now that I have I now know why I have enjoyed the tasks I have done that have required me to write something for characters, such as my FMP for last year where I created characters and had to write a character bible for them with a backstory for each character. I also learned how I can create structured questions to help me get information which will be helpful when I am doing my research into my chosen subject.

This information changed my understanding of my goals as I now think I am going to want to do things that involve creating a story that is interesting to me and that could be something I hope to achieve with my FMP.

My findings have highlighted that I am interested in story and storytelling and creating my own characters, and that I am also interested in sound and how that can be used with storytelling. I think that one strength I discovered from these findings is my writing, for a story and characters, as I have done a lot of writing for tasks and I enjoy being able to create whatever I want to through characters and the worlds I can create in a story.

I can use this information for my personal development as now I know what I am interested in doing creatively I can work on improving my skills in those areas and learn more about how I can improve the work I do so that in the future the standard of my work will be higher. This can also help me for my specialist study as this has given me some more ideas for what I can research and explore.

This information will be useful for me for my FMP as well as now I know what I enjoy doing and what I want to do more of I can think of FMP ideas that are based around this, so my FMP could include sound or storytelling or both as these are the things that I enjoy the most. I will also be able to use the research techniques that I learned as I will be able to form questions that will have a good chance of finding me relevent information that I can use for my project.

I can also use this information to help me with my career goals as before this task I didn’t know what I wanted my career to be in but now I think it will be something to do with sound or storytelling as these are my interests.


Myers-Briggs Personality Test

For this task I took a personality test that was developed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers. This was to find out what personality type I am and how this can affect what I do for my Final Major Project. Also this task was to highlight what my strengths and weaknesses are and what I can do to ensure that I work around my weaknesses and get the best out of my strengths.

When taking the test I tried to answer the questions with my immediate response to them so that I did not overthink them as that could have led to the result changing. However for some of the questions I had to think about them as I did not understand the questions at first. I was honest with my answers to get the most accurate result and try to remove any potential bias from my answers. I only took the test once because I felt it was accurate and reflected my personality well. My result was INFJ-T, which stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging, and Turbulent. According to the test my strengths are that I am creative, insightful, inspiring and convincing, decisive, determined and passionate, and altruistic. I agree with some of these strengths as I feel I am creative and I am determined and passionate when the project I’m working on is interesting to me. I also think I can be altruistic as I do like helping people and trying to make situations better, however I do want to advance myself so I do take actions sometimes to just try and do that. My weaknesses according to the test are that I am sensitive, extremely private, a perfectionist, I always need to have a cause, and I burn out easily. Apart from being a perfectionist I think that I do have these weaknesses, as if I feel I am not making progress towards something I will get bored of it and move on to something else, but I don’t feel that I continue to work on something until it is perfect because once I have completed something I want to move on to the next project as soon as possible. The results also say that I can find it hard to deal with interpersonal conflicts and I think this is true as I do not like conflict at all and get uncomfortable if people I know are involved in conflict in some way. They also say I have trouble with confronting unpleasant facts and I believe this is also true as I want to believe that everything is fine and knowing that isn’t the case is distressing for me.


The data from this test suggested that I am extremely introverted, as I got 80% introverted. I would say that this is very accurate as I do prefer to spend time on my own most of the time and it does take me a while to get comfortable around new people. However, once I am comfortable with people I will be a bit more extraverted and I do enjoy socialising under the right circumstances and if it’s with people I like. Also I am more intuitive than observant as I got 74% intuitive and I agree with this as I am very imaginative and curious, and I am less concerned with facts. I also got 78% feeling which means I am sensitive and emotionally expressive, however I do not think this is accurate as I do not express my emotions very much, although my actions are based off my emotions and I do try to be compassionate towards other people and their problems.

I got 63% judging which means I am decisive and highly organised and value clarity and predictability which I think is very accurate as I need to know what I’m doing and what it’s for and need to plan out what I am going to do so that I can see my progress. However I do think I do have the prospecting trait as I do focus on what I enjoy and if I have to do something that I do not enjoy or think is that important I will find something else to do that I enjoy better. My final result was I am 66% turbulent which means I am self-conscious and sensitive to stress and I agree with this as I am always thinking about what other people think about me and my work and if I am stressed I can’t get anything done and won’t be happy.

Something I learnt that I hadn’t considered before is that I do not go for friendships just out of circumstance, instead I try and get to know people to see if I can form a deep connection with them and have meaningful discussions. I think this is part of the reason that it takes me a while to open up to people and start expressing myself more.

I do agree with this theory and test as I think it was very accurate for who I am and has taught me some things about myself but also confirmed some things that I already suspected. I feel that the test got every trait of my personality right even if I do believe that some of them I am more of the traits I didn’t get than the test said I was.


Once I had taken the test I got someone else to take it for me and the result that they got was ISFP which stands for Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving. This is slightly different to the result I got for myself and means that this person sees me as more adventurous and more interested in design and aesthetics. Also they think I am not someone who will follow traditional conventions and will sometimes go against society. Also this personality type is more spontaneous and experiments more which I do not think fits my personality at all. I don’t think this result is accurate for me as it says people with this personality don’t dwell on the past or future and instead think about who they are, whereas I am always thinking about my past actions and what could happen in the future and I worry about these things. However it does say that these people do plan actions and behaviours for the future which I do sometimes. Also it says risky behaviours are more common for people with this personality and I do not enjoy taking risks so I prefer to play things safe and be secure.

I think other people do see me differently to how I see myself as I think some people only see what I want them to see so they have a different perception of me, for example some people only see me being extraverted so they be surprised when I act introverted. Also because other people are detached from me they can maybe have a clearer perspective of who I am as I am always thinking about that and judging myself so maybe I am not as objective.

This task has been useful as I have been able to find out what my personality type is and also what other people think my personality is which is very useful as this can provide answers for who I am and it explains why I do certain things, but it also has informed me of how I react to certain situations which will be useful in the future as I will know if I’m not doing something I enjoy I will be less likely to fully focus on it and complete it as best I can. I can use these findings to influence my ideas for my Final Major Project as now I know how I work what I need in order to be motivated to work so this will help me when I am doing my work as I will try to not get bored and want to move on as quickly by doing a project that really interests me and that I can really engage with.

Limited, N.A. (2011) Free personality test. Available at: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test (Accessed: 10 January 2017).


One thought on “Unit 12 Weeks 1 and 2- Personal Primary Research

  1. Liam, you have made a good start here, but your work needs further development. Your Who Am I? task needs to explore the task and what you learned in more detail. You must ensure that you introduce your work properly, explaining the context of the task and its purpose. You also need to ensure that you reflect and evaluate what you have learned. You rightly explain that this task will help you to identify ideas for your FMP, but you do not develop this discussion. What specifically did you learn? What do you think you would like to find out more about? Try be more analytical with your work, even if you think it is a relatively simple task – there is a lot that you could learn from this.
    Your discussion of your interview reveals some useful facts about your interests and you reflect on these well, considering how you could use this information to support your ideas for your FMP. However, you have only covered part of the task here and have not fully explained its purpose. Remember that the task was not only design to help you gain an insight into yourself, but also to help you develop some important research skills and techniques, i.e. interviewing people and structured questions. You must make sure that you discuss this as part of your work and reflect on the interview that you conducted. Consider how you might use these skills for your FMP as well as the information that you gained from your own interview.
    Your discussion of the Myers-Briggs test is thorough and you reflect on this in a thoughtful, considered way but this needs further development. You do not really consider this in the context of your work or your ideas for your FMP. How might these results influence your ideas? How might you use this knowledge and ensure that you maximise your strengths and minimise weaknesses? Will this affect the kind of project you undertake or your working practices?


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