Unit 11 Task 1

As part of this task I am looking at myself and my skills. I will do this by looking back at work I have produced that has been about me to learn what skills I have and what my strengths are. I will also be taking some career tests to see what kind of careers my skills and personality would be suited to. I will also be talking about what career I want and the path I will take to get there.

Part 1

Previously on this course I have done some tasks that aimed to find out more about me and skills I have and how I have acquired them. One of these tasks was Who am I? This task was about finding out what I enjoy and what I know about those things and then thinking about why I like them. This task made me realise some things that I had never thought about before, such as my favourite types of video games being ones that are very story and character driven, such as The Walking Dead Telltale series and The Last of Us. My interest in story driven games has lead me to develop skills in writing and I enjoy writing scripts and creating characters, for my FMP last year I made an episode of a podcast because I wanted to write a story and create a world for it to fit into and create characters that were interesting to me and would serve the story.

Another task I have done is I created a timeline of all the key tasks I have learnt skills from on this course. By doing this I could see how I started to develop an interest in sound and how I started building my skills in that area. This also showed me my development in my writing skills, starting from the Age of Napoleon project where I created a character and wrote passages in the dossier as characters. This developed my writing skills as I had to try and use language in a way that was appropriate for the time period, which was the 1800’s.

The third task that I did was a Myers Briggs personality test. The results from this test were accurate in what I already thought about myself and did point out some strengths that I believed I had. These strengths were; being creative, determined, passionate. I believe I do have these skills however I think I have to be completely interested in something for these skills to be fully functional, because if I am not interested I become demotivated.

I also took two career tests to see what jobs my skills and personality make me a match for.



Part 2

The job that I want to have one day is Sound Designer because I have enjoyed all the times I have needed to create sounds on this course and I want to keep being able to do that. Some of the skills that are required for this job are; listening skills, creativity, communication skills, organisation, imagination, being able to work under pressure. For this I feel I would have to develop my communication skills because I can get very nervous when talking to people and this affects how well I can put my ideas across, also I think I would need to improve how I work under pressure because I do not like working under pressure as everyone gets stressed and that effects my mood and my ability to do the work.

Part 3- Career Path

This career path is one possibility of me achieving my goal of becoming a Sound Designer.



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