Unit 11 Task 2

Part 1

For the first part of this task I had to find three university courses that I would apply for if I was considering going to university.




These are the university courses that I would consider because they are all related to what I want in my career and I think they would provide me with useful skills and understanding in the sound area. Also, I think the experience I would gain from these courses would be very useful to me.

Part 2

There are two types of traditional routes into employment, these are apprenticeships and internships. Apprenticeship allow you to work in an area and gain skills in that area whilst also being paid. This makes apprenticeships a very good option for people who want to work in a particular area but don’t have the necessary skills. You can apply to apprenticeships through the government website or you can go directly to the company.

An internship is slightly different to an apprenticeship as not all internships offer paid work, but they still allow you to work in an area to gain experience or to acquire a qualification in order to progress further in that area. Internships can also be applied to through the government website or there are agencies that will help people find internships.

Out of these two routes I would want an apprenticeship because I would earn money while learning and I think it is a good route into the film industry because I can make contacts that might allow me to get a job once the apprenticeship has finished.

There are also some non-traditional routes of gaining employment. One of these is entering competitions where the main prize could be something like going to visit a company that does work in what you are interested in. Also, the exposure from putting your work into a competition could result in you getting noticed by a company and them offering employment. Another non-traditional route is putting your work on social media where it could get seen and shared by many people and could eventually lead to someone who needs someone with your skills offering you the chance to do some work for them. Networking is another way f getting employment as you or someone you know may know someone who already works in the area you want to get into and you could ask them if you could do something like shadowing or do a bit of work experience which could result in you getting a permanent job. Finally, you could do cold calling which is where you contact a company and pitch yourself to them to try and make them see how good you would be for them.

Cold call letter

Cold call leter


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