Unit 11 Task 3

This is a digital portfolio of the work that I have produced on this course showing off the different things I have done, including sound work and video compositing.


This is my CV.


This is the cold call letter I wrote to apply for the job of Junior Runner at the BBC that I was interviewed for.

Cold call leter

My YouTube channel is where I upload videos of all the work that I have made and show off the skills that I have gained.

Youtube 1Youtube 2Youtube 3

I think my digital portfolio and YouTube channel are the best showcases for my work because it includes my extended project from my first year on this course which was sound based and that is the area that I want to work in and continue to gain skills in. However my portfolio could be improved if it included all of the work I have made, but because the site I used only allows me to upload a certain amount before I have to pay I had to choose the projects that I considered to be more important. My YouTube channel shows off a lot more of my work from both years on the course but does not have my extended project from last year.

I think my CV and cover letter are the weakest because I am not good at selling myself and praising the work I have done and the skills I have so these are not as good as they could be.