The interview proccess

For this task we were interviewing and being interviewed for jobs at design studios that we created in teams. We applied for these jobs on the Facebook pages of our studios. I posted my job specification on the Wet Flame Studios page. The jobs we interviewed for were Animator, Game Designer, Audio Engineer, and Graphic Designer.

I applied for the job of Storyboard artist at Acumen Animation by posting my cover letter on the job application on their Facebook page.

Wet Flame interviews
Some of the questions we asked each applicant were “what skills do you have for this job?”, “what are your strengths?”, “what are your weaknesses?”, and “if working in a team do you prefer to be the leader or just one of the members?”. These questions were designed to tell us about each person and what they are good at and what they can improve on. Also we wanted to know what sort of role they would have in a team, whether they could lead or not.

My interview
When I was being interviewed I was asked similar questions to when my design team was interviewing.

This task was useful as it gave us experience of being interviewed and now we know how to act and what to say during an interview.

I think when we were interviewing we could have structured it better as we didn’t have a plan of who would ask which question at what point of the interview and the interviews ended up with only a few members of our group asking questions most of the time. However I think we asked good questions that gave us the information we needed about the applicants.

When I was being interviewed I think I could have prepared better as for some question I didn’t know how to answer and had to think for a while but I think I answered all the questions to a good standard.