Age of Napoleon Problems Mind Map

Mind map

This is a mind map of all the problems that I encountered during this project. There were many Audio, Visual, Interactive, and Logistics problems that I faced and I had to overcome them to ensure that I completed the project and met all the criteria.

Production Skills (Week 3)

In week three we learnt skills related to sound, 3D modelling, and Interactive.

We scripted voice-overs using the website CeltX that we would then go and record for use in our dossiers. We learnt about all the different features for script writing that CeltX offers and then used these tool when writing our scripts. These voice-overs will eventually be placed in our interactive dossiers and will be integrated so that they are interactive. Before scripting the voice-overs we had to create the characters who were doing the voice-overs. To do this we had to create information about the character such as their age, gender, and name.

The 3D modelling work we produced this week was modelling a generator from around the time period Age of Napoleon is set. We modeled these using reference images of actual generators that were around at the time so that we could create a historically accurate generator. This task taught us how to model something using references so that it looks accurate. I can apply these skills to my project if I need to create something from the time period I will need to use reference image to help me create it. The problems I encountered were I couldn’t remember how to use some of the tools I needed in order to create the generator, such as the bevel tool, because it had been a long time since I last used them. I overcame this problem by looking through my note to the last time I used them and I also asked for help when I really wasn’t sure.

The interactivity task we did this week was to plan an interactive tour of the college, showing off the most important areas that a new media student would need to know, in our design teams. To do this we first had to walk around the college and note down the important areas we would include. Then we drew task flows showing how those areas would be connected on a website for an interactive tour, making sure that we kept to the 3 click rule, which means the users should be able to get anywhere with 3 clicks or less so that the website is easy to use and they don’t get confused using it. I can apply this to my project as a task flow will be useful when designing the dossier as all the pages will need to be connected so that the user can navigate in a non-linear way and I will need to make sure the dossier meets the requirements of the 3 click rule and a flow chart is a good way to test that. The problems I encountered when designing the flow chart was how to meet the 3 click rule as I had a lot of pages to put in. I overcame this problem by using stacks, which are pages that are placed together.