Production Diary (Week 7)

To begin with we discussed in our team what we were individually going to work on during the session. I decided that I was going to work on creating some wax seals in Photoshop that we could use as our home buttons in our dossier. Once I finished this task I was going to start scripting for an audio log that I would include on my page. I also worked in 3DS Max to model a Daguerreotype and also started working on my page layout. Joel was going to work on researching and world building, and Kieran was working on page layout ideas, scripting for an audio log he was going to have, and writing about Charles Dickens and how he fits into our story.

Wax seal 2

This is the end product of a wax seal that I made. To create this I first made a circle using the ellipse tool and then went to Filter, Distort, then Wave to create the effect of wax that has been dripped onto the paper. Then I added an inner bevel to it to add depth and create highlights on parts to make them lighter or darker.

Wax seal bevel

To create the indented part of the seal I created a smaller circle and added a slightly smaller wave to it so that its more circular than the outer section of the seal. Then I added an inner bevel to it so that it looked like it was lower than the the outer part.

Wax seal bevel 2

For the symbol in the middle of the seal I created a H using the text tool and added an outer bevel to it to make it look slightly raised in the indented part of the seal.

H bevel

Once I had completed the wax seal I started writing a script for an audio log that I am going to include on my dossier page. This audio log is going to be an official report into the death of Louis Daguerre and will explain how he died and how the organisation will move forward following his death. The character that I created for the audio log is a very serious person who isn’t going to let his personal feelings affect how he speak in the report so I am not including emotions in the script.

In 3DS Max I created a Daguerreotype camera to be used on my page and I started to texture it.


Finally I started to create my page layout in Indesign. To decide how I was going to lay it out I used designs that I had previously drawn. For my background I took an old paper texture off of I used the wax seal that I created in Photoshop as the home button on my page. I also started adding the images that I am going to include on my page. I took the images into Photoshop first and deleted the backgrounds of them so that they appear without a white background in Indesign. I also made one of the photos look like it was taken during that time period by changing it to greyscale and adding a yellow tint to it so that it looked old.

I am pleased with how the wax seal has turned out as I think it really looks like a wax seal that would have been used in the past and the bevels that I have added have given the seal depth and made it look like it has been stamped onto some wax. I think I can improve it as the edges of the two circles and the letter H are a bit rough so I could make them smoother if I was going to make it again. Also I think if I were doing it again I would choose a darker red as wax seals at the time were made with darker wax so a darker red would make it look more realistic from the time period.

I think that the Daguerreotype that I made is starting to look good and matches with the reference images I used quite well but I do need to finish texturing it to complete it. A problem I had while making it was I chamfered the lens part of the camera and that caused the sections of it to overlap which made it look jagged when rendered so I had to redo that part. Also when I was texturing I went into flatten mapping which meant I couldn’t texture the cylinder parts of the camera, such as the lens, which is why I could finish texturing it and I will need to use a different type of mapping to texture those parts.

I then started working on my page layout in Indesign. I created an A master page that included the page texture, the title, and home button as those things will be on every page that I make. I then started planning how I would lay out the images and audio logs I’m going to include as well as the text boxes.