Production Skills (Week 2)

In week two of our production we learnt many useful skills that will help us in tasks such as designing our dossier and modelling for our dossier.

One of the tasks we did was to design an interactive web/app version of the story of little red riding hood in our interactive design teams. For this we had to think about how people would interact with it and come up with designs showing our ideas in a simple way. We also had to think about what the webpage or app would actually look like and how we would layout all the elements to it. This task taught us skills related to interactive design and graphic design and will be useful for our project when we our designing our interactive dossier. The problems I encountered were trying to think of ideas for the graphical design of it as it was meant to be for children so I had to think how I could make it look simple and appeal to children. I overcame this problem by talking with my teammates and taking on board some of their ideas to develop my own.

We also did some wireframing work in our interactive design groups where we had to design layouts for a double page spread on are triple a games too big? Because our topic was about more than one specific game we had to use a design that was neutral and not use a design similar to just one game. I could apply these wireframing skills to my project as I will have to design my dossier and wireframing different design ideas will help me plan the dossier and help me choose the best design.

After we had done wireframing we started using Indesign to create the designs digitally. Doing this enabled us to learn a bit about the tools available to use in Indesign. I can apply these skills to my project as I can use Indesign to create different designs for my dossier and will be able to see if my designs will work. The problems I encountered during this task were I had never used Indesign before and that was the case with a lot of people in the class so we couldn’t really help each other much so we just had to learn by experimenting with the different tools. Doing this meant that it took me a while to start actually designing but once I had learnt a few of the basic tools I was able to use the program.

3D modelling
The 3D task that we did this week was to model an object that might be found in the Age of Napoleon game. There were many steps we had to take before we could start modelling though, these were: research; making thumbnails; modelling; and finally texturing. I chose t model a storage chest. The research task involved making a mood board showing examples of chests that I could use as reference and textures that I could apply to my chest. After doing the research I had to draw thumbnails showing different designs for the chest ad showing it from different angles to show what the chest could look like once it is finished. Finally I had to create the chest in 3DS Max and then texture it. The whole point of this task was to make us go the phase f pre-production instead of just going straight into the production. This will help me in the project I am doing at the moment and my final major project as I will need to do research for both and come up with different designs before I actually start making the final product.