Development Diary Week 7

This week I created the second and third drafts of my script, and started to think of ideas for a logo for my podcast. I also did a run through of the three scripts with the other people who are going to act in it, and got feedback from this.

For the second draft of my script I created new dialogue and events that happen during the show so that I explored different options from the first draft. By exploring different options it means that more possibilities are created and I will be able to improve from my first draft.2

Script Zombie Radio Show draft 2

For my third draft I took elements from the first two drafts that I thought could work well together and combined them. I did this because I felt both drafts had good parts of them and I wanted to see if they would work if I put them together.

Script Zombie show draft 3

Once I had completed my second and third drafts I started thinking about possible ideas for a logo. As my podcast is a zombie themed radio show my ideas revolved around a radio station surrounded in fog or mist to add to the atmosphere that it is set in a world with zombies.

When the three drafts of my scripts were completed I did a run through of all of them with the people I am going to have act in it to test how it will sound when it comes together and see if elements of the script work or not, so that I have time to make any necessary changes before I go to record the actual podcast, and the actors can start to learn their lines so that they are ready for the final recording. Feedback I received from this rehearsal was that the host is too controlling of the debate and does not allow the other characters much chance to discuss each others arguments, and also the guest characters do not interact with each other enough as their only interactions come through the host. From this feedback I decided to give the host less dialogue so that the debate can feel more natural and this also allows for the guests to interact with each other and actually argue against each other. I think this will make it feel like a more natural debate and will also make it funnier to listen to, as each response won’t have been set up by the host.

My original idea for this project did not include creating a logo for the podcast but I believe creating a logo would make my presentation of the podcast better as professionally produced podcasts have logos for users to identify them, so I am going to create a logo to go with the podcast for when I publish it.


Development Diary Week 6

This week for the development of my Final Major Project I created character bibles for my four characters, I wrote the first draft of my script, and listened to and deconstructed an episode of the Bunker Buddies podcast.

For my character bibles I researched what information I needed to include about them. Once I had done this I thought about each characters likes and dislikes, as well as their strengths and weaknesses to help me get to know the characters. I also thought about their different personalities and their backgrounds, so that I would know what kind of person they are which will help me write the script and also help me when acting as these characters, and describing to anyone else acting what kind of person they need to be.






Once I had created my character bibles and knew my characters I started the first draft of my script. This was challenging because I want my finished product to be no longer than five minutes, so I had to make sure that the script would not take longer than five minutes. Also I want it to be funny so I had to try and make it funny with the dialogue and additional things that are happening in the background. Also getting each characters personality a chance to be shown off is difficult in the time frame I want the podcast to fit into.

Script Zombie Radio Show

After I had completed the first draft I listened to an episode of Bunker Buddies and deconstructed it. To do this I was thinking about things like what music they used and why, any sound effects they used and why, and if they talk about things in first or third person. I deconstructed Bunker Buddies because it is a podcast series that discusses apocalyptic events but with humour which is the style I want my podcast to be, and by deconstructing an episode I can learn about how I can present my podcast and learn the kind of things I can include in it to make it funny, such as music. From doing this I learnt how I can present my podcast and make sure to include the other guests on my podcast, as this podcast features more than one person. I also learnt how I can use music for comedy, as this podcast has music that juxtaposes with the subject they are discussing and that is something I want to include in my podcast.

I also researched techniques for character development and story development. The information I found out doing this helped me create my characters and develop them, and also helped me write my script as I learnt how I can keep the story progressing. My research into story development will help me as one piece of advice I found was to wright about my experiences, and although I don’t have experience in a real zombie apocalypse, I have seen a lot of zombie films and TV shows, and I have also listened to some radio shows so I can use my knowledge of these to help me when writing abut a radio show in a zombie apocalypse. Another way this research has helped me is I now know that it is important that I have a them for my story that will influence everything the characters do, as this will also allow me to think about each character and what will motivate them. I also learnt about story questionnaires, which are questions about the story and characters, and about how the audience should respond to the story and characters. This will help me when I’m writing the scripts as I will be thinking about how the audience should be feeling at each point of the script which will help me write a script that will be as appropriate as possible for my target audience and make them feel what I want them to feel. From researching character development I learnt that it the character bible I create will be useful in developing those characters through the story as I will know their key information and what motivates them, which will make them easier to develop throughout my script.

The scripts and characters I have created do meet the requirements set by my original idea as I have created a radio show where people talk about zombies and give advice to people which is what I set out to create. The information I found out from my research will be very helpful to me as it will make developing the story and characters easier now that I know useful tips for development.

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Focus group and Final Idea


For this task we got into focus groups and discussed each others three final major project ideas and gave each other feedback on what worked in those ideas and what could be improved and also gave feedback on possible ideas the person could use in their project.

Digital Comic Book

The first idea for my Final Major Project is to create a digital comic book, set during a zombie apocalypse in London, following two main characters as they try to survive. My idea for what caused the zombie outbreak was a virus that has been dormant for centuries suddenly becoming active and infecting the worlds population in only a few days.

The feedback I received on the idea of the dormant virus was to maybe consider a genetic modification experiment going wrong and creating a zombie that way. I think this is an interesting idea as having someone be genetically modified and accidentally become a zombie is an original idea that would separate my work from all the other zombie narratives there are.

Another piece of feedback I received about how the dormant virus could be activated again was a group of people digging up an ancient burial site that has contained the virus, and by digging it up they expose the world to the virus and it infects people that way.
This idea is good as it offers an explanation as to how the virus stopped being dormant and how it was able to come into contact with enough people to start infecting the whole world.

Another idea I got from the feedback was to use the other members of the class to create profiles for the different types of zombies as part of a character bible.
This could be useful as it would help me think about the different zombie types there could be and creating a character bible will help me know everything about the characters which will make writing them easier, and also I will be able to visualise them for when I draw them.

The final piece of feedback I received was that this project would be very hard for me to complete to a good enough standard, as my drawing skills are currently not good so I would need to improve them, also this project would be hard to complete in the time I have available to do it as I would need to draw and write everything I needed for the comic, then scan it so that its on a computer, then edit it by colouring it if I need to, and then publishing it. All of that is a lot to accomplish in the short time I would have so maybe I should consider one of my other ideas instead.

Choose your own adventure book
My second idea is to create a choose your own adventure type book, set in a zombie apocalypse, where readers would take control of a character and have to make choices that will directly affect the plot of the book. The feedback I received on this idea was to research what program I could use to make the book, as at the moment I am not sure about what I could use to do this. Also I was told to think about how I would incorporate the different choices so that they have an impact, and think about how having a lot of choices will create a lot of work for me as I will have to create multiple versions of the story to reflect the choices people have made. This feedback has made me think if I will be able to complete this in the time I have available, as I need to do research to find what I can use to make it, and I would have to think about the choices I am going to have in the book and how I am going to fit them into the story and get readers to choose from them.

My third idea is to produce a podcast that is set as a radio show during a zombie apocalypse that gives people advice on what to do when they encounter zombies. This would involve me performing and possibly getting some other people to act. The feedback I got from this idea is this is easier for me achieve in the time frame I have. Another piece of feedback I got was that this would be a good project for me to do as I enjoy performing and script writing, and if I script it correctly so that it does seem like a radio show it could be a very good project . This feedback has made me think that this idea is the best one for me to do for my project.

Final Idea
From the feedback I received from this task I have decided that I am going to do my podcast idea, as I think my skills are better suited to a podcast than a digital comic book, and in the time I have to do this I don’t think I could do all the research for a choose your own adventure type story and creating the story for that and then fitting choices into it would be difficult for me to achieve. However I think creating a podcast will be easier as although I will still need to do a lot of research into the formats of podcast and radio shows so that I know what I will need to do for it, when I start production my skills are better suited for this idea. Also I have enjoyed the sound work that I have done during this year and I want to develop my skills in this area further and maybe get a job working with sound in the future.

Action Plan

  • Research existing podcasts/radio plays
  • Learn more about the editing tools in Audacity
  • Research how I could publish it
  • Start scripting
  • Record
  • Edit
  • Publish

Research Tasks

For the first research task I identified three things that I wanted to research that would help me with my Final Major project. These were what is the process of publishing a digital comic?; what software can I use to create a digital comic?; and how can I improve my drawing skills?

Once I had identified what I wanted to research I identified why each one was important to know, what I would learn from it, what the best methods and sources of researching each topic, and what I learned and how it will help me.

FMP research homework

This task has been useful as I now know more about how I can make a digital comic as before I did not know what software is available to me that I could use for this, so I was not sure how I would create my comic, but now I have a clearer idea of what I will use. Also I have learnt how I would be able to publish my digital comic which will be useful as previously I did not know what I would do with the comic once I had completed it. Doing this research has given me a clearer idea of what I will use to create my comic which will help me when I start production as I will already know what software I will use and now I know that I can research how to use it so that when I start development I won’t have to worry about not being able to use the software.



Product Reviews


This task required me to find two products that will be similar to mine and review them and focus on the purpose of the product, the form it takes and why, the platform it is available on and why,  the genre, target audience, the strengths of the project and its weaknesses, and how it could possibly be improved. This is to help me when thinking about these things for my final major project as it will not be a success if I do not have a clear idea of what my product will be and why.

Product One: The Walking Dead Volume 1

Robert Kirkman (2004). The Walking Dead Volume 1 Days Gone Bye. United States of America: Image Comics. p1-144.

What is the purpose?
The purpose of this graphic novel is to entertain people and make them think about their lives and all the luxury items that they own, and what they would do if they suddenly lost all of that and had to learn how to survive by fighting for what they own.

What form does it take? Why was it chosen?
This product takes the form of a graphic novel. This form was chosen so that events and characters can be shown to the readers. Also making it a graphic novel means that the writers don’t have to describe everything as it can be shown to the readers. Also showing the readers the events enhances the experience as they can see everything that happens and don’t have to imagine it.

Which platform is it on and why?
This product has a physical platform in the form of a graphic novel, but is also available in digital form on mobile and tablet devices. It is available on physical platforms because when it came out that was the only way people could access comics, and today comics are still popular in physical form. It is available on mobile and tablets because many people use them to read now, so making it available on these platforms means more people can access it and opens it up to a wider audience.

Which genre is it? What makes it that genre?
This product is a horror as it contains violence and gore throughout. Also the art style makes the zombies look realistic and make them appear scary. Also by having the drawings in black and white it makes it seem like it is a bleak world that adds to the horror atmosphere.

Who is the audience?
The target audience for this product is anyone between the ages of 16-40 as this is the age group that is most interested in the horror genre, and also some of the content in the graphic novel might not be suitable for anyone younger than this. The graphic novel is targeted at both males and females so that everyone is able to enjoy it.

The strengths of this product are it is available to many people as they can access it physically and in digital forms. Also its story and characters are well developed to make it interesting for the readers and grab there attention. Another strength is the art style as it is realistic and brings the events of the graphic novel to life.

The weakness of this product is its target audience does not include anyone so some people will miss out on and the product will not reach everyone.

Any improvements?
I think this product could be improved by being in colour as this would show off the gore more which would increase the feeling of horror of the reading experience.

Product 2: The Outbreak

Chris Lund. (2008). The Outbreak. Available: Last accessed 28th April 2016.

What is the purpose?
The purpose of this product is to give people the chance to make choices that affect the story and give them the chance to see how long they can survive in the situations that the story puts them in.

What form does this take? Why was it chosen?
The form this product takes is an interactive film on a website. This was chosen so that people can watch the story unfold with actors and then make important decisions based on what they have just seen. Another form this could have taken is the form of a video game so that people could actually play during the action and then make their choices .

Which platform is it on and why?
This product is on PC, available to find on the internet. This was done so that anyone with access to the internet can play it and they can share their choices online with their friends so that they can compare what they each did. Also because it is free to play that means anyone can play it.

Which genre is it? What makes it that genre?
This product is a horror as it has zombies and violence and gore, also the music used creates fear and tension and the sound made by the zombies increases the fear felt by the user. Also the quick editing used makes the user feel slightly disoriented which increases their panic while watching.

Who is the audience?
The target audience is teenagers and young adults as they will be most interested in this product as they will feel like they have been placed into a zombie apocalypse and will want to see if they could survive that.

The strengths of this product are allowing people to make choices that impact the story and decide whether characters live or die, and also the editing and sound of the film as they contribute to the horror of the product and increase the tension throughout.

Weaknesses and improvements
One weakness of the product is it only gives you two options to choose between each time which means there isn’t a lot of variety available. Also there aren’t that many choices offered throughout so they could improve the product by adding more choices and more variety of options. Another weakness is no information about the characters is provided so there is little weight behind the choices that you make and you don’t fell anything when a character dies.

camel solanum. (2015). Survive The Outbreak Gameplay. [Online Video]. 4 May 2015. Available from: [Accessed: 6 June 2016].

From this task I have learnt how I could create a digital comic or interactive story and what is needed for these types of products to be successful. I can apply this to my work if I decide that for my Final Major Project to create a digital comic or a choice based story book as I will know what worked well for these products and how I can make them unique for my project and also I will know how these products could have been better and use that to make sure that my project is as good as it can be.


Ideas Evaluation

For this task I had to evaluate each of my three ideas, focusing on my strengths and weaknesses related to each idea, as well as the opportunities each idea would provide for me, and anything that would be a threat to me successfully completing each project. I also thought about what was good about each idea and what was bad, to better give me an understanding of which idea would be the best one for me to do for my final major project.

Idea 1: Zombie story in the form of a digital comic

The advantages this idea has is it allows me to develop certain areas of my skills and try new techniques. Also this idea lets me do things I do enjoy such as writing through creating the story and the characters. Also I will be able to improve certain skills such as my drawing skills. The things I do well that will be used for this idea are scripting and creating characters so if I choose to do this idea there are elements of it that I would be good. The resources available to me for this idea are computers, Photoshop, graphics tablets, and software such as Madefire that I can use to put my comic together. Other people see my strengths as writing and performing, so this idea will only allow me to show off one of those strengths.

If I were to do this idea for my Final Major project I would need to improve my drawing skills as at the moment they are not very good and this idea would require me to draw a lot. With this idea I should avoid doing complex drawings as that is beyond my skill level, so I should instead focus on drawings that I would be able to complete. Other people agree that my weaknesses are my drawing skills so this idea is not the best for me to do as my weakness is a major part of what this idea involves.

With this idea I have the opportunity to improve my skills in drawing and also create an interesting product if I do something different to all the other zombie products that exist. Also due to the popularisation of smartphones and tablets many people own devices that can access digital comics so there is the potential for my product to reach a wide audience. Also due to smartphones and tablets people can buy and read digital comics whenever they want so this could also mean more people purchasing my product.

The threats facing this project are my weaknesses in terms of drawing, as this is a comic I will need to draw characters and backgrounds consistently which would be very difficult for me, and I might not have the time to improve my drawing and still complete the project.

Idea 2: Podcast in the form of radio show giving advice about zombies.
One advantage this idea has is there aren’t any other products like it, meaning it will stand out among other zombie products. Also this idea fits with my strengths in writing, for the script, and audio performance, when recording it. Also this project would allow me to edit audio again which I enjoyed from the Age of Napoleon project, and doing more editing will help me improve my skills. Other people agree that my strengths are writing and performance so this idea will allow me to show off things I am good at, which will make the project easier to produce. The resources that are available to me for this project are Celtx which is a free script writing website that I can use to create my script, also there is a soundproof room at the college that I can use to record in to get the best quality audio and make it sound authentic for a radio show. I can also use Audacity to edit the audio.

The weakness of this idea is my audio editing skills are very basic at the moment because I haven’t done much editing, but with this project I would get more experience and learn new techniques for editing. Therefore I should avoid doing anything at this time that would need complex editing as I wouldn’t have the knowledge to do it. Other people do not think that I have any weaknesses related to this idea.

This idea gives me the opportunity to create a unique product that will interest people and hopefully be entertaining to people as well. Also 3.7 million adults in the UK listen to podcasts so there is a wide audience for this product to reach. Also there are many apps available that offer podcasts now, so it is very easy for someone to purchase a podcast and they can listen to them anywhere.

The threats facing this idea are I will need other people to act parts out in this podcast, so I will have to find people who have the time to take part in this but also perform to the standard that I want to make it seem like a real radio show, so if I can’t find anyone capable of doing this it will be a big problem for this project and I would have to play all the characters which would result in the podcast not sounding as authentic as it could be.

Idea 3: Interactive zombie story- choose your own adventure.

The strengths of this idea are I will be able to write a story and create characters which I enjoy and also I will be able to improve at story development as I will need to think of choices for people to make and then adapt the story to those choices. One resource available to me to create a choose your own adventure book is the app inklewriter that would allow me to create branching narratives easily. As writing is one of my strengths this project would be good for me and other people agree with that.

One possible weakness for this idea could be that I have no experience writing a story with choices and many possible narratives, so trying to achieve this in the limited time I have to complete this project might not be possible. Other people agree that this project might be difficult to achieve in the time I have, if I want to make the story interesting and offer choices that people care about the outcome of.

The opportunities this idea offers are I can improve my story development and also get to try creating a story and characters that people will care about enough to think about the choices being offered to them and care about the impact of those choices. Also as many people use tablets and phones to read they would be good platforms to make this available on to reach a wider audience.

The threats to this idea are I haven’t created a story with choices before so I won’t know how to implement choices into the story, also I might not have enough time to learn how to do this and then make the book. Also I will have to learn how to use the app for creating these stories and that might take too much time.

This task has made me think about which idea I would be better suited to and what I would have to do in order to complete whatever idea I choose. Also I have thought about what I am good at and what I need to improve. This task has also made me realise which idea would be the best to do based on the opportunities and threats that each one faces. I can use this to inform me when I make my final decision on what idea to do for my Final Major Project.


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The inspiration behind the idea

I am inspired by the writer Anthony Horowitz. I first discover his work when I was eight years old when I read Stormbreaker, the first book in the Alex Rider series. As well as the Alex Rider series, his work includes the Power of Five series, which includes Raven’s Gate, Evil Star, Night Rise, Necropolis, and Oblivion. He has also written two Sherlock Holmes novels, The House of Silk, and Moriarty, and also has two horror books. Also as well as writing books he has created and written some successful TV series, such as Folye’s War, Collision, and Injustice.  I find his work interesting because he creates interesting worlds for his stories that are very real but still contain fictional elements, and creates interesting characters that I care about that makes me want to read more. His characters are interesting as he makes them feel like real people through how they speak and act and through their interests. From his work I can learn how to create believable characters that my audience will connect with, and also I can learn how I can make my fictional world feel like the real world but slightly different which is what I am aiming to do with a zombie narrative. Also I think his work is interesting as he writes different genres of books, he has written horror books and action books, which means that all his books are slightly different which keeps them interesting.

Anthony Horowitz is important as he has written over 40 books, including the Alex Rider series, which is a best selling series, and writes for both teens and adults. He is also important because all of his books have been successful and critically acclaimed.

One of Anthony Horowitz’s inspirations was his first boss, a man called Don White. Don inspired him to write with energy and put that energy into his work and also to enjoy what he does. I also think Ian Fleming was another inspiration as Anthony Horowitz is a fan of James Bond and has written a James Bond book, also his Alex Rider series is based on a teenage spy who works for MI6, and the series has been compared to the James Bond series.

He used English and writing skills to create his work. These skills are essential to someone trying to become a writer and he has practiced them throughout his life and career to become as good as he is.

Anthony Horowitz is relevant to my project as I will be writing a story and creating characters, so I can use his work as inspiration for that by using his work to help me how to write an interesting story and interesting characters that people will want to read about.

I can learn how to create interesting characters and stories, and how to keep the reader interested so that they keep reading and enjoy it. Also I can learn how to write so that I can describe things effectively.

Anthony Horowitz. (2016). About Anthony Horowitz. Available: Last accessed 29th April 2016.

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My Career Map

For this task I had to think about what kind of career I want in the future and plan how I would achieve that through going to university and getting certain qualifications.

Career map

If I decide I want to try to become a concept artist I will go to university and get a masters degree and bachelors degree from Teesside University where I will also be able to g on a work placement, which will give me valuable experience into becoming a professional concept artist. After finishing university I will try to build up a portfolio by creating projects and producing concept art for them and then networking by meeting professionals at conventions or getting in touch through social media, so that my work can get noticed and I increase my chances of getting a job.


This task has given me an idea of how I can achieve my desired career goals and what qualifications I will need to get and what other work I will need to do.

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Trends in Interactive Media

Trends inphographic

For this task we researched the major trends that have happened in the Interactive Media industry, such as the first video game and the invention of the internet. We did this task so that we could learn about the history of the Interactive Media industry and the important trends that there have been.

I focused my research on what I felt were the most important trends, the release of the first video game, the invention of the internet, hardware and software being used together such as graphics tablets and Photoshop, The creation of Web 2.0, the popularisation of smart phones, the popularisation of video on demand services, the start of voice recognition software being used publicly, and the release of the first major Virtual Reality gaming hardware.

This task has taught me about the history of the interactive media industry and when the biggest trends started and how they impacted the industry. This will be useful for my final major project as I will know about previous trends and so I will know what kind of area would be a good one to focus my project around, which will help me narrow my project ideas down.

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Who am I?

For this task I had to think about all the things in my life that have made me the person I am to give me an idea of why I have made the choices I have with my Final Major Project. I put this in a mind map that focuses on key things like my family and my interests.

This task has taught me a lot about myself and why I have certain interests due to all the things that have influenced me throughout my life, such as my family. Also I have learnt more about my personality. This can influence what I do for my Final Major Project as now I have a clear idea of what I am interested in and what I would like to create and also how I can fit my personality into my project.

Who am i