Development Diary Week 10

This week I decided to create a different version of my logo as I was not completely happy with my first attempt and I felt I could do much better if I put more time into it.

New logo

This is my updated logo design. I decided to have the on air sign look like it was dripping with blood because my podcast is done as a radio show about zombies so I want some horror elements in the logo. To create the dripping effect I used the brush tool to create lines coming down from the letters and then added a liquify effect to those lines. I added an outer glow to the letters as well to make it look like the sign is lit up.

To make the tombstone look like it was made out of concrete and not just a grey rectangle with a curve I added some noise to it to make it look rough and slightly damaged as this makes the tombstone have a more horror feel to it.

For the zombie hand coming out of the ground holding the microphone I found an image online and drew around it using a graphics tablet, as I felt this would allow me to make it look better by adding more detail than if I drew using the mouse. I used different shades of green on the hand to add detail and make some parts look more damaged as this is a zombie hand so the skin shouldn’t be perfect. I used the colour green for the hand as I wanted a cartoon style look for the zombie because my podcast also has elements of comedy in it and I felt a cartoon zombie would be able to reflect that more than a realistic one. I used a yellow banner around Zombie Time to make the title of my podcast stand out against the other elements of the logo.


I think this second logo is much better than my first as I took more time to make this one and put more effort into it and added more detail so it looks much more professional and better represents what my podcast is about.


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Development Diary Week 9

This week I researched colour theory and the meaning certain colours have. I did this for the thumbnail I am going to create for my podcast as I want to use colours to create a certain atmosphere, as my logo is going to involve zombies I want colours that have meanings that can relate to zombies. I also started drawing ideas for my logo and then created my logo

The three colours that I found that have a meaning that relate to zombies are red, purple, and black.

My research into the colour red has taught me that red is the colour of extremes and can represent violence, danger, and anger, which are all commonly found in zombie fiction. Also red is the colour of blood and in zombie fiction blood is very common when zombies bite someone and when zombies are killed. However I learnt that when using red the background colour is important, as red against a black background seems to glow and can appear larger, whereas red on a white background seems duller in comparison.

While I was researching the colour purple I discovered that it is a supernatural colour, possibly due to its rarity in nature and because in the past it was a very expensive colour to create so it was only worn by people in power, such as the emperors of Rome. Another reason purple is considered a supernatural colour could be because it is the most powerful visible wavelength of electromagnetic energy, which makes it more associated with supernatural ability and the cosmos than the real physical world. Purple also symbolises magic, mystery, and spirituality which might make it a good colour for me to use as zombies have elements of mystery in them and they also don’t seem possible in the real world.

From researching the colour black I learnt it is associated with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery. This is interesting as there is a contrast between the things it is associated with as death and elegance are not normally associated with each other. Black is a mysterious colour that is also associated with fear and the unknown, which is appropriate for zombies.

From doing this research I have learnt about the meanings and symbolism of certain colours and how this can convey meaning from colours. This will help me when I am creating my podcast thumbnail as I will know what colours I can use to create certain effects and convey different meanings and create an atmosphere of mystery and danger, which is what I want for a zombie themed thumbnail, to create a sense of horror and fear.

Once I had researched colour theory and decided on the three colours I wanted to use in my logo I sketched five possible designs for my logo.






These designs all feature zombies and something related to radio as I want the logo to reflect that this podcast is a radio show about zombies.

Once  had these designs I used them to create the logo.


Although this logo isn’t an exact copy of one of the ideas I drew it clearly takes inspiration from them, and uses the three colours that I felt would be the best to use for something involving zombies due to my research into colour theory.

I feel I could make the logo look much better if I had more time but as I didn’t decide to make a logo until later in the project my focus was on completing the podcast as well as I could so not much time went into this logo as I knew I was running out of time to have everything completed when I started to create designs for it. When I first completed this thumbnail I was satisfied with it because I felt the colours conveyed the horror feeling that I was aiming for, however after receiving feedback on this design I realised that I could make one that is much better.

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Development Diary Week 8

This week I created the fourth and final draft of my script, recorded the podcast, and started editing the podcast.

The final draft of my script was based off of the feedback I received last week during the rehearsal, from the people acting in it as they all had suggestions on how I could improve it. One of the pieces of feedback I received was to have more interaction between the characters of Jason and Dr. Winter, because in the previous drafts those two did not speak to each other they spoke about each other to the host of the show. I used this feedback to add more interaction between those two characters and less of the host talking to them, making it feel more like a debate than just the host asking separate questions to people and controlling the flow of the show.

Script Zombie Time

When I was recording the podcast I used a sound proof room to increase the quality of the sound and make it sound like an actual radio show as there won’t be as much echo to interfere with the recording. One issue I had while recording was adjusting the levels for certain parts, such as when one character screams in fear, as this part could have been distorted if I didn’t adjust the levels correctly. I also recorded the foley sounds that I was going to use throughout the podcast. The only issue I had with this was finding a prop that could make a sound similar enough to the sound effect I want, for example for the rustling of chains sound effect I used my keys as they were able to make a similar sound but it wasn’t completely perfect so I had to edit it slightly.

Once I had all my sounds recorded I went online to to get music for the intro and outro of the podcast. I also got a Wilhelm scream from because at one point a character screams but it is unknown what character and I wanted to experiment with a Wilhelm scream to see if it would work, because the Wilhelm scream is an iconic sound effect that is used in many products .

Once I had all my recordings and the music I wanted I started to edit it all together. The only issue I had during this part was synchronising all of the foley up to the speech where it needs to be. I also edited the sound from my keys to make them sound more like chains. To do this I changed the pitch and amplified the sound.
Change pitch on chain

Amplify chain

After I had put the wilhelm scream in I listened to the full podcast and decided the wilhelm scream was unnecessary as it didn’t add anything to the podcast and seemed very out of place so I removed it and decided not to put another scream in its place as I think the podcast works better without it.

I think the podcast does match with my original intentions because it does offer advice to people on what to do when they encounter a zombie and some of the advice is better than other advice, and it does contain funny elements which I hoped it would at the beginning of the project. (2015) (Accessed: 7 June 2016)

FoxyGamerMC (2006) Wilhelm.wav by SweetNeo85




Development Diary Week 7

This week I created the second and third drafts of my script, and started to think of ideas for a logo for my podcast. I also did a run through of the three scripts with the other people who are going to act in it, and got feedback from this.

For the second draft of my script I created new dialogue and events that happen during the show so that I explored different options from the first draft. By exploring different options it means that more possibilities are created and I will be able to improve from my first draft.2

Script Zombie Radio Show draft 2

For my third draft I took elements from the first two drafts that I thought could work well together and combined them. I did this because I felt both drafts had good parts of them and I wanted to see if they would work if I put them together.

Script Zombie show draft 3

Once I had completed my second and third drafts I started thinking about possible ideas for a logo. As my podcast is a zombie themed radio show my ideas revolved around a radio station surrounded in fog or mist to add to the atmosphere that it is set in a world with zombies.

When the three drafts of my scripts were completed I did a run through of all of them with the people I am going to have act in it to test how it will sound when it comes together and see if elements of the script work or not, so that I have time to make any necessary changes before I go to record the actual podcast, and the actors can start to learn their lines so that they are ready for the final recording. Feedback I received from this rehearsal was that the host is too controlling of the debate and does not allow the other characters much chance to discuss each others arguments, and also the guest characters do not interact with each other enough as their only interactions come through the host. From this feedback I decided to give the host less dialogue so that the debate can feel more natural and this also allows for the guests to interact with each other and actually argue against each other. I think this will make it feel like a more natural debate and will also make it funnier to listen to, as each response won’t have been set up by the host.

My original idea for this project did not include creating a logo for the podcast but I believe creating a logo would make my presentation of the podcast better as professionally produced podcasts have logos for users to identify them, so I am going to create a logo to go with the podcast for when I publish it.


Development Diary Week 6

This week for the development of my Final Major Project I created character bibles for my four characters, I wrote the first draft of my script, and listened to and deconstructed an episode of the Bunker Buddies podcast.

For my character bibles I researched what information I needed to include about them. Once I had done this I thought about each characters likes and dislikes, as well as their strengths and weaknesses to help me get to know the characters. I also thought about their different personalities and their backgrounds, so that I would know what kind of person they are which will help me write the script and also help me when acting as these characters, and describing to anyone else acting what kind of person they need to be.






Once I had created my character bibles and knew my characters I started the first draft of my script. This was challenging because I want my finished product to be no longer than five minutes, so I had to make sure that the script would not take longer than five minutes. Also I want it to be funny so I had to try and make it funny with the dialogue and additional things that are happening in the background. Also getting each characters personality a chance to be shown off is difficult in the time frame I want the podcast to fit into.

Script Zombie Radio Show

After I had completed the first draft I listened to an episode of Bunker Buddies and deconstructed it. To do this I was thinking about things like what music they used and why, any sound effects they used and why, and if they talk about things in first or third person. I deconstructed Bunker Buddies because it is a podcast series that discusses apocalyptic events but with humour which is the style I want my podcast to be, and by deconstructing an episode I can learn about how I can present my podcast and learn the kind of things I can include in it to make it funny, such as music. From doing this I learnt how I can present my podcast and make sure to include the other guests on my podcast, as this podcast features more than one person. I also learnt how I can use music for comedy, as this podcast has music that juxtaposes with the subject they are discussing and that is something I want to include in my podcast.

I also researched techniques for character development and story development. The information I found out doing this helped me create my characters and develop them, and also helped me write my script as I learnt how I can keep the story progressing. My research into story development will help me as one piece of advice I found was to wright about my experiences, and although I don’t have experience in a real zombie apocalypse, I have seen a lot of zombie films and TV shows, and I have also listened to some radio shows so I can use my knowledge of these to help me when writing abut a radio show in a zombie apocalypse. Another way this research has helped me is I now know that it is important that I have a them for my story that will influence everything the characters do, as this will also allow me to think about each character and what will motivate them. I also learnt about story questionnaires, which are questions about the story and characters, and about how the audience should respond to the story and characters. This will help me when I’m writing the scripts as I will be thinking about how the audience should be feeling at each point of the script which will help me write a script that will be as appropriate as possible for my target audience and make them feel what I want them to feel. From researching character development I learnt that it the character bible I create will be useful in developing those characters through the story as I will know their key information and what motivates them, which will make them easier to develop throughout my script.

The scripts and characters I have created do meet the requirements set by my original idea as I have created a radio show where people talk about zombies and give advice to people which is what I set out to create. The information I found out from my research will be very helpful to me as it will make developing the story and characters easier now that I know useful tips for development.

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