Telltale Games

Telltale Games inspire me as I believe they are a great games developer who have made some really good games and I would be proud if one day I could be a part of a game that is as good as some of Telltale’s, such as their The Walking Dead game. Telltale has only been developing games since 2004(, 18/09/15) and so they have achieved so much in quite a short amount of time and in 2014 they were named the ‘Most innovative company in gaming’ (, 18/09/15), highlighting just how good a gaming company they are. Telltale have also “pioneered the creation and delivery of episodic gaming content” (, 18/09/15), and their games are heavily based on choices made by the player which I really enjoy and if I made a game I would try to include a lot of choices for players to make as I believe it creates a better gaming experience and I like the way that Telltale incorporate the choices. Telltale are also recognised as being one of the few developers that have delivered on the promise of episodic gaming (, 18/09/15) and I really enjoy those types of games as it allows for greater character development and storytelling. I also really like the art style used by Telltale in their games as it is quite similar to the art style of graphic novels and makes the games stand out from other company’s games. Telltale’s The Walking Dead is one of my favourite games as I believe that everything about it, such as the plot and its characters, is done really well and contributes to the emotion caused by the games events and that is what has inspired me to want to be a part of the creation of a game and maybe make a game as good as one from Telltale Games.


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